I remember going dancing

Wow! What a miserable few days. Creeks are roaring, gardens flooding, grass is growing, but it’s too wet and soggy to mow. I don’t ever remember a summer like this one. I want to go swimming, but getting out of the lake into rain and mist is not my idea of a good swim. Is there any relief in sight?

When I woke up this morning, I had no TV or telephone, so I couldn’t even check and see what was the matter. I had to go to Rosie’s and sit with her while Judy took Bill to the doctor, and that is when I found out the awful news: Christman’s Tavern was destroyed by fire. We are all saddened by the loss of valuable farm history, they were my next door neighbors while growing up, but are thankful that it wasn’t the hotel.

OMG, due to the holiday last week, and all of the stories, I forgot so many more important notices. Here are last week’s forgotten, but definitely not less important blurbs.

As many know, Deacon Peter pays a weekly visit to his shut-in parishioners, including Rose Hudecek. They all got the pleasure of meeting St. Theresa’s new Priest, Father Kyle Eads. He is such a pleasant young man, and will be an asset to our community — if we ever get to see him. Adding a new Priest did not take away the burden on Father Jay and Deacon, but rather added to, as they now have 8 parishes that they are servicing: Windham, Haines Falls, Palenville, Cairo, East Durham, Greenville, Ravena and Coxsackie. Anyway, Welcome Father Kyle and good luck.

Added to our prayer list is Louise Begley who is now in rehab in Livingston. She would love to hear from you: Livingston Rehab Center, 2781 Route 9, Hudson, NY 12534. Sympathy to the family of Robin Fleishman (Mountain Sheds on Route 23), on the sudden passing of her son-in-law on Long Island. Sympathy to the family of Judy O’Shea from Jewett who passed away July 8. The family wishes to thank the wonderful hospice staff for all of the gentle care. Prayers for Deacon Peter’s sister in Indiana who is very ill. Harold Benjamin is in need of healing prayers. Prayers for Carol Staub.

Pat Pelham is starting to wind down on her quilting, and has supplies she would like to share. Let me know if you’re interested and I will tell her.

Thanks to all who came to church in Cairo and Sandy Plains last Sunday. Don’t forget, I will be back there again this coming week. I thank you all for your support.


While at the memorial service for Barbara Mead the remembrance from Bill and friends reminded me of the times they were speaking of. Although there were two Mountain Top School districts, Hunter Tannersville and Windham Ashland Jewett, the interscholastic rivalries were great, but when school was over, we were all just a bunch of kids looking for a good time. These good times almost invariably meant going to the dances at the West Kill Community center. Going into the large hall you could always find a VanValkenburg taking tickets. Inside, at the refreshment table was Prentis Decker, selling hot dogs and soda.

Chairs lined the sides of the hall and the stage was at the end. The Melody Boys were always there with Mr. Bouton pounding on the piano. I don’t remember a drummer, although there had to have been one. Do you know who it was?

The dances always included 3 square and 3 round dances, which means we danced all around the room, not standing in one place swaying to the music. For the Square Dance, a set was composed of 4 couples arranged in a square. You had to listen very carefully to the caller as he was the one who told you what to do. We allemanded, promenaded, swung our partners, and laughed a lot.

Does anyone today know how to do the waltz, polka, tango? How about the Virginia Reel? We always had a real live band. No canned music. Oh yea, now you can pick out any song you want from a computer, but is that really the same? No slip up, no sly innuendoes thrown in, just a song.

I can still picture Pauline and Orville Case coming every Saturday night with Betty Ann, and her sleeping on the chairs covered with a sweater while they danced. There was no alcohol served (indoors), and we didn’t need it to have a good time.

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