Recognizing Good Samaritans

Watching television, and listening to the radio, we often hear about the Good Samaritans who help out. I decided to recognize some of our own local helpers.

Looking out the window the other day, Judy saw a very energetic person chopping the bank in front of Val Cherek’s car. With closer observation, she recognized Jewett Town Clerk, Maya Carl, who had stopped by to pick up the mail, and didn’t think twice about helping out. Thanks also go to Al Bertram who came through with his snow blower, Jack Rappleyea and of course, Bill Mead who always makes sure that the Hudecek/LoPresti family are able to get out. With Rose’s age, the neighbors want to make sure an emergency vehicle can get in. I have to thank Tommy Lynch who always makes sure I can get around. It took a little longer this storm, but he did plow for me. If you have someone that you would like to be publically recognized, please let me know and I will put it in this space.

A post on FaceBook made me think about our little group of friends. Someone posted that the elderly should be checked on frequently, as she had known of someone who was found in poor condition. I belong to a group that checks in, by phone, daily. The conversation can be a simple, Hello, I’m awake and fine, or a lengthy conversation...but it is a daily check in. If I don’t call Judy by 9, she calls me to make sure all is well. It’s also nice to let your friends know when you have a doctor’s appointment, or what your plans are for the day, so anyone trying to get a hold of you can have peace of mind. I am thankful I have so many people concerned about my welfare, although it does make for an entire day with the telephone to my ear.

Do you know of anyone who needs a hospital bed? I also have access to the air mattress and controller that goes on it to prevent bedsores. I also have many bed linens. The problem is that I have no place to store the bed, so if you need it you must call me immediately or out it goes.

Happy 21rst birthday to Ariana Creech. Can she really be that old? Happy birthday to Bonnie Jean Diamond. Sympathy to the family of Gerald Davis and to the family of George Dart. Prayers for Susan Lucie.

There aren’t too many left to remember, but I want to send condolences to the family of Grant Sweet who was known as the Sesame Seed King, or the Vanilla Extract Man. Grant had an office on the top floor of what is now Windham Diner. He sold extracts, spices and some baking supplies. He moved to Naples, Florida where he recently passed.


While being confined this month, either by the weather or no car, I found that having lots to do didn’t mean that I would do it, I really didn’t WANT to do it. I have been sorting papers in my living room, so the television has been on. I watch a lot of Nat Geo. Growing up and living on a farm, I enjoy the animal shows. Last week, at least two dogs have had porcupine quills — face, head and mouth. I must have fallen into a trance because the memory came of our real nice Border Collie who was always curious about porcupines. I can still see my father in the kitchen sitting on a stool with the dog’s head between his legs, using tweezers and a knife to cut the many quills that were embedded in the dog’s head. Such patience on my father’s part, much pain and unhappy dog. If you grew up with dogs, you know that they never learn. Without a vet, my father always knew what to do.

My father was a coon hunter, and we always had at least one coon hound. Yup, they would stick their noses where they didn’t belong and have to be doctored. Dr. Pol is the man on Nat Geo.

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