Another September week. You can feel the change in the seasons. The leaves are starting to change. Coming through the woods just before Jewett Mountain, you can see the brilliant reds, yellows and oranges appearing. Fall activities are starting. Don’t forget to go to WRIP’s Facebook page for all of the latest happenings. Being limited to the amount I can write, I go to them for the news.

The Greene County Department of Human Resources and the Department of Aging are in desperate need of volunteers for medical transportation and home delivery of meals. Greene County provides meals for more than 400 shut-in senior citizens. For some it is the only social contact they have. It doesn’t have to be a daily commitment, even a couple of days a week would be awesome. Call Ruth Pforte or Ken Brooks at 518-719-3555.

The Jewett Church will hold a fall rummage sale 6-8 p.m. Sept. 24 and 10 a.m.-noon Sept. 25 at the church hall on Route 17 in Jewett. So much for you to shop for all for a free will donation. Come and shop till you drop. We have so much already, we are asking you to please stop donating. We have no more room.

Do you walk your dog at the Ashland Park? Did you know that there are rules? The park provides bags and a disposal bin for your pet’s by-products. You don’t want to step in poo, why would you think that you don’t have to pick up your dogs leftovers. Please pick up what your dog leaves behind.

If you get this before Sept. 7, don’t forget the talk by Ron Gabriel on Pearl Harbor at the VFW Building, Route 23, Windham. I will be doing a short story from 1943. Hope to see you all.

School is open. Watch for the buses and for the reduced speed zone by the school.

The Memorial Service at WAJ on 9/11 was very well attended, and very emotional.

I went to a lovely Memorial Service for Robin Allan on Saturday, at the Ashland Community Hall. Many attended and spoke fondly of her.

Happy Birthday to Ruth Cross. On Saturday, there was a huge gathering at CD Lane Park for her with family and friends helping her celebrate her 90th.

WAJPL Golden Age Club will be meeting at the center at the Windham Town Hall in Hensonville at 1 p.m. on Sept 20. Guest speaker will be Ginny Gurley who will be talking about her favorite cause — the Veterans and the VA Hospital. Theme of the month is Harvest.

Sympathy to the Barlow Family on the passing of Edith, 98 years old. She was the mother of Samerna Rion. Hang on and get better Vicky Maben.


Vaccine? Do I wear a mask inside, outside, everywhere? Do I get the shot, or not? Do I get a booster, and when? What are the rules today? Can I eat out at a restaurant? Is is just take out? What are today’s rules? Can I take public transportation? Do I have to show my vaccination card? What are the rules?

In the 1930s, there was a scare with the Scarlet Fever. We were only allowed to go to school and church. People were afraid to visit with each other. I remember having the fever with my mother. My father was a trucker and had to go to Comstock with a load of horses. Now you have to remember that this was the ‘30s and Comstock was a two day trip. When he finally came home, there was an official notice on the door “THIS HOUSE IS UNDER QUARANTINE NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO ENTER OR LEAVE.” He had to go to his mother’s next door to live until the quarantine was lifted. I only remember the high fever. Being in bed with my mother and burning up. My brother, George, did not get it, but did a lot of pretending so he would get his share of attention. I could hear him jumping on his bed, and playing with his toys — until he heard someone coming down the hall, Then he would jump into bed and pull the covers up while moaning and groaning how sick he was.

We obeyed the quarantine rules. We segregated ourselves from the general population. We did not complain that we have a right to go out in public. We suffered, but the whole world didn’t have to put up with us. We soon got better, went back to school, my father moved back in and the world continued to turn.

Just a side note. Have you been on Kataerskill Road in Catskill? You turn by the BarnWood, and come out on 9W in Catskill? There is a dam or a spillway that is jam packed with trees and years of debris. There is a sign cautioning high water area. With each storm, I wonder if the trees will finally break up and wash downstream. I wonder if anyone will ever clean this out so water will be free flowing again, possibly eliminating the need for the High Water sign. What are your thoughts?

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