Another disappointing holiday weekend. It seems to rain for all the long vacations. Makes for a depressing time. I feel sorry for those who have waited for time off, only to have nothing to do. Can you imagine how it is in NYC and environs after this last storm? Can you imagine being stuck underground in a subway while water is pouring in around you? Cellars flooded, roads under water. We can count ourselves very lucky that it skipped us for the most part.

Popped into the Jewett Presbyterian Church Hall on Saturday morning. Jess, Jim, Jack and Nancy are busy setting up for the Rummage Sale on Sept. 24 and 25. Lots of nice items already.

Get well wishes to Bill Scarey. Hope you are on the mend and feeling better shortly. If I don’t mention all of those that we have mentioned in the past, please remember that we are still thinking about you, and hope all still remember you in their prayers.

Sept. 11 will be busier than usual. Food Pantry at Hope Restoration in the morning, a 911 Memorial Service with the VFW at WAJ at 10, party for Ruth Cross at CD Lane Park at 1 p.m., Services for Robin Allen at the Ashland Fire House at 2 p.m. Now the problem, can I get cloned so I can attend everything? How to pick and choose?

Don’t forget to send in your reservation for the WAJ Alumni dinner being held at Windham Mountain on Oct. 9. Both Judy and I will be there and looking forward to talking to you and hearing your news.


If you read last week’s article, you know I have been through many storms and have compassion for all, but looking at the other side of the coin — how many are planning ahead for bad weather and storms? What is your contingency plan?

A few years ago, my nephew retired from the Air Force and worked for Home Depot in Fort Walton. When the weather forecast showed a Hurricane heading towards them, there was a mad scramble for plywood, nails, hammers, screws, plastic and water. At that time, plywood was reasonable in price, and during the regular season, plentiful. Now, we all know that the season starts in August — every year. But, when did everyone start buying? Does anyone think ahead and stock up on plywood? You hear the outrage of people who run to the store to find no lumber, screws, etc. There’s a storm coming! What are we going to do! My question, what happens to all of the plywood that is taken down when the storm passes? Do you just dispose of it? In my opinion, I think I would find someplace to store it for the next storm.

During a recent long term power outage, plastic gas cans were not available. My friend Jay was working at Lowes at the time and after taking much abuse on them running out of the cans, he explained to the people, who he had seen buying 5 the day before, that the cans were reusable. Once they were emptied, they could be refilled.

When my sister, Flo, moved to Ashland, she had 6 children and I had 4. Our husbands were away in the Navy. She had a Ford station wagon, a real blunderbust. Our allotment came on the first of the month, and we had to make the money last. We took her car to Scotia to the commissary and bought everything to hold us over until the first of the next month. On the way home, there was no room left. The back of the wagon was crammed to all sides. We went to Breakabean and picked tomatoes by the bushel, and got carrots that were leftover after Beech Nut got what they needed. We planned for the coming winter our larders were always filled. If we had bad weather, oh well, we still ate well.

During the last power outage, Judy saw she only had one bottle of propane left for her camp stove. Today, she went to Young’s and bought 2 more “just in case.” She probably should have waited until a winter storm was brewing, then complain that she couldn’t get any. That’s the way of the world today.

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