Looking forward to Autumn Affair weekend

Another week closer to Columbus Day, and the leaves are just starting to turn. We are all looking forward to Autumn Affair weekend and the many activities it will bring. Hope to have many reports next week from Alumni Dinner, the class dinner being held at Christman’s, a report on Ron Gabriel’s presentation on Lionel Trains, the many concerts, etc. Keep in mind that Chuck at Windham Wine and Liquor will be having wine tasting and a live band playing on Saturday. Stop in and say hi. Tell them Judy and Lula sent you. I will be selling my goodies on the lawn at the Masonic Hall, across the street from WRIP live broadcast. Make sure that you stop in and visit me. I have been making cookies all week, and really want to sell them all so that I don’t eat them.

Happiness to the Reverend Choi family as they welcome his father and mother who are visiting this week. Sorry about your car and the deer, though.

Hope Restoration will be holding its annual Thanksgiving Dinner but with a different format. It will be held on Nov. 5, with drive through takeouts only. The hours are 4:30–7:30 p.m. The same gourmet chefs will be cooking and the same delicious meal will be served. Mark it down on your calendars now so you don’t forget.

Sorry to hear about the passing of Elizabeth Cady Davis. Many prayers and condolences to her family. Healing prayers for Gary Slutzky who was in a motorcycle accident this past week. Prayers for Kenny Hudecek who is recovering, and will be in rehab in Delmar Center. If you’re going that way, be sure to stop in and visit or send a card to 125 Rockefeller Drive, Delmar, NY 12054.


The Albany area is doing a great job of backpack donations, including bags filled with breakfast items so kids don’t miss out on food for the weekends. I think back to when I was growing up and what we ate. Mom was home and always cooking or cleaning or sewing. Before school. We always sat down to a breakfast. Maybe Cream of Wheat, oatmeal, Wheatina and the Breakfast of Champions – Wheaties. Oh, did we enjoy that, because who wouldn’t want to be a champion. We had to eat at home because there was no breakfast served at school. We did get a morning snack of graham crackers and milk, though.

I never heard of anyone going hungry back then. We all came to school with full tummies, and usually a brown bag lunch. We never even thought of the school feeding us.

Judy’s boys did have an opportunity to get breakfast in school, and they decided that it would be better for them to buy a bagel and milk, or sausage sandwich for 60 cents and save their lunch money for shopping on Saturday.

Question of the week. What did you have for breakfast before school? Or did you eat in school?

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