Looking for rain on the Mountain Top

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop around me. I spent the better part of two days, battening down the hatches. I emptied my shelves, brought in the clothes, covered everything with tarps, weighted them down...for the horrendous winds and torrential rains...that never happened. Gardeners and farmers are irrigating their crops so nothing burns in the hot sun. Everyone was watching the skies, watching the path of the dark, ominous clouds that were scuttling to the north and the south of us. You’d think at least one of them would have drifted over and left us with the gift of rain. Next chance is tomorrow.

Happy to have my cousin S. Tompkins from New Britain, Conn. and the Mill Stone in Jewett, visit me over the weekend. His grandfather, Brayton Tompkins and B. Moseman began the Pratt Museum.

Happy Birthday to Mary Aull. Congratulations to Sarah Drum on her marriage.

Another complaint about the “outsiders” and their total disregard for others. Judy had to go to Poughkeepsie Sunday and went down Palenville Mountain. There was a State Trooper plus a GC Sheriff, and they still couldn’t keep the mountain cleared. The road had turned into a parking lot and sidewalk. In the morning they were walking in carrying large boxes, coolers, pool floats (I don’t know how many pool floats can fit in a stream, no matter how big the basin), and no masks. In the evening, with the sun in her eyes, they were parked in the road packing up, walking in the middle of the road, sitting on the guard rails..all with no regard to the traffic. When did we become a society with no manners and common sense? Why do we only think of “ME,” not who can I help? I know this is a losing battle on the Mountain Top this summer, but what solutions can we come up with? Beats me!

Don’t forget the Jewett Fire Department chicken barbecue on Aug. 8. Take out only. $12 for a complete dinner, $7 halves only. It’s the barbecue that you can smell from all over. The Heights make a perfect location to entice people in.

Prayers for Tom Soule, John LoPresti, Peter Weiss, Ellouise Cole, Lori Lewis and the family of Leslie Risley from West Kill.


After going over Mad Brook Bridge and past the Stead Meat Market, we are, again, in the residential part of town. The Brockett house is the next house. MaryElla and her parents on one side, later, the Holcomb family; Mary, Les, and their children Carolyn, Donny and Susan. Kathryn Brockett lived on the other. Kathryn will be remembered as a teacher at WAJ. Many had her in second grade, some in 6th. She was the sister to Donovan, who was MaryElla’s father. Now it is the home to the PatchWork Shop where you can get your sewing, quilting supplies.

Next up the street is the Nagel-Cammer house. Lois and John (a banker) and their children, Edie and Robbie, Lois was EVERYONE’S favorite school nurse. Teenage girls, especially, would make any excuse to be sent to the nurse. The office was always filled with girls looking for some mothering. Next door (the house was a duplex), were Lois’ parents, Gordon and Edith Cammer.

I have to take another, physical, walk along Main Street, to refresh my next memories.

Names to ponder: who remembers Jake Seboldt, Ma Brainard and Roy, Sue Rollison, Bill Wycoff, Flossie Vining (Mother of Virginia), the Prout sisters or Anne McCarthy. Any memories gratefully accepted.

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