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Welcome August. The summer “Hump.” The weather has been unusually humid for an extended period this year. Is that what is making the squash family grow? A very abundant year for zucchini and cucumbers. Acorn squash is getting ready to pick, butternut and pumpkins are starting to form. The big question: When will the tomatoes start to ripen. Vines are abundant with green tomatoes. What about the red ones? Maybe next week.

The ongoing yard sale at my house will continue every Saturday, weather permitting, through September. Proceeds from the sale are being donated to Ashland Community Church. I will be taking orders for baked goods — when the weather cools enough to bake. I have plenty of zucchini for bread, so please don’t hesitate to place your order.

Last week I had a million dollar lunch! Marge Loucks brought me a REAL tomato. It was beautiful, it was huge. it was from Platte Clove Community. It was enough to core and slice. Each slice was big enough to cover a slice of bread. Wonderful!

If you or know someone in need, call 518-734-5360.


In the I Remember section last week, I had C.R.S. and made a few mistakes. When I ask for suggestions, I get a few, but when I mess up, the critics come out of the woodwork. Thank you all for reading, and pointing out my errors. I don’t mind, because then I know you’re reading.

When we were growing up, and when we were raising our children, a mom was a mom. Whether she was yours, or your friend’s. Sometimes I get confused as to who was whose mom. Betty Darrin was in my mind, and I knew Lois Nagel was a nurse, and they both had daughters the same age. Sorry. My errors usually come to mind after I press SEND, and am driving.

While thinking of mothers, I think of how our mothers had time to do everything. There was no, I’m busy, I can’t help out. When it was time to bring a treat in to school. the treat was there. When asked to be a scout leader, mom volunteered. While going down memory lane, so many memories of our friends’ parents come up. We knew who they were, maybe not what they did for a living, but whose children belonged to them. If someone was is trouble, any parent was available for help. The kids on Mill Street walked to school, starting at the top of the hill. As they walked down, mothers would be on the porch watching them to make sure nothing went wrong. We all felt safe because there was always a parent to watch out for us...and to call us by name.

What has happened in the past few years that took responsibility out of parenting? This generation doesn’t discipline their own children, much less take on the care of others. What has caused the absence of parenting? I would love to know how future generations will turn out.

Off my soapbox, and asking for help. Anyone who has information on the residents of Windham from the ‘30s to the ‘70s, please share.

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