Keep our memories safe as we welcome new ones

What a beautiful January day! The weather has been cold enough to keep the snow on the trees and it looks gorgeous! It has been cold at night, but we haven’t hit zero yet, so it’s not bad for January. The roads are packed with cars, it makes it difficult to pull into my driveway. Restaurants are delivering again, on weekends....It would be nice if they would continue for the local people, instead of “catering” to visitors. I don’t order out much, but would like food to be available when I want it.

My friend, Rose, is still getting birthday cards. She is up to 35 as of this morning. It’s nice that they are spaced out as it makes each day special.

A reminder: Jewett and Acra Nutrition centers are closed until further notice. If you know of someone who is adversely affected by this, let me know and I’ll see if we can get meals to them. Most have back up plans, but we don’t want anyone going hungry because of the closure.

It was a very bad week for cars..Janice Maben had an accident over by the Jewett Town house, and I had an accident on 17 last Friday. I was going to the hairdressers when it happened. So, I am temporarily without transport. f you see me hitchhiking, stop and give me a ride.

Jewett Fire Department had its socially distanced reorganizational meeting this past week. All officers stayed the same except Judy LoPresti is stepping up to replace John as vice president. On the agenda is updating the Past Member Plaque.

Clarence Soule has been moved from Albany Med to rehab in Margaretville Hospital. Maybe sending him a card would make his therapy easier. Janice Nicholls should learn that cats don’t like to be chased, and they will cause you to fall. Sharon Vaugh and John Valenti need prayers of strength to help them through their treatments. Wally Thompson is in isolation after positive results on Covid test. He had the vaccine the day before, so all should be well soon. Wally is at Greene Meadows in Catskill.

Sincere sympathy to the family of John Rigi of Ashland, Darlene Briggs’, mother, Estella Rogers passed. Last week we wished Elsie Myers a Happy Birthday on Jan. 5, and she passed away on January 6. Condolences to her family.


As we finish our walk down Main Street in Windham, we left Miller Bros. and all of their merchandise and find the home of Alice Snyder and the Millers, Clara and Alda (Blanden)’s mother. The house has been moved to the back yard, and it is now Z Wine Bar. Look behind the Post Office to find this wonderful building. The location is now the Valero Gas Station. Cross over Church Street, and you are at the large white church with a leaning steeple. This was the Windham Presbyterian Church and it is now a community center. The Pastor was Ron Stockbridge. The next building had many owners, The Vermilyea store, a shoe repair and a tack shop. It is now Caldwell Banker. Next door was Coe’s Hotel which burned.

For additional information you can contact town Historian, Pat Morrow. Next to Vet’s Road was the home of Judy and Bill Higgens then the apartment house. We are now back where we started, Lutz’ Insurance.

We hope you enjoyed our wandering and musing about the homes, businesses and people that I grew up with in the town of Windham. I enjoyed looking at the old ads from the days when Windham was booming. I wish we had more stores and less restaurants, but each generation has to do what they can to stay in business. Let us be able to keep our memories safe, as we watch others make their memories.

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