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Brrrr! That’s what I have to say about Memorial Weekend. Planting should have been done, windows are in desperate need of washing, the barbecue grill is all ready to go, bathing suits have been taken out of drawers, sandals and shorts ready to be worn. Nope, not this weekend. Back are the fleece jackets and pants. Fires were made in fireplaces. Heat was turned back on. Well, I got my house cleaned. That’s an okay thing.

I would like to publically thank the very generous person who was at the Windham Diner on Sunday. Several of my friends went out to lunch, and I’m sure the conversation included some stories of their time serving in the military. When it came time to pay, they were told that the bill had been taken care of by one of the other patrons, who asked if they had been in the Service. What a pleasant “Pay it Forward” gesture. Thank you.

Remember this Sunday is the fundraiser for Kevin Chase at Vesuvio. A $20 entrance fee, which is being donated to the Chase family, gives you a buffet and music. Cash bar proceeds are also being donated. Thank you for your support.

Happy Birthday wishes to Jessica Franz on June 6. A card would do a lot to cheer her up and to tell her that you’re thinking of her.

Town of Jewett Residents ONLY: There will be roadside pickup of large items June 1-4 and again the following week. The Town will not go down a private road, but will pick up along the major roads. Call Town Hall if you aren’t sure.

WAJPL Golden Age Club will be holding their first June meeting on June 7 at a new time, 1 p.m. at the Senior Center in Hensonville. The theme of the month is LUAU. So, don your grass skirt and Hawaiian Print shirt and come on down.

Prayers for Bob Lawrence, a former member of The Mustangs, who is in the hospital in Florida.

Coming Events:

June 6 Benefit for Kevin Chase

July 24 ( Corrected date from last week) Chicken BBQ Ashland Community Church

August 7 Brooks Chicken BBQ Jewett Fire Department


As Memorial Day leaves us, I think about the family memories of the past. More and more people are looking into their ancestry with and 23 and Me to find out about their past, and relatives. This could prove quite interesting as DNA matches show up in the strangest places. Anyway, I think of how families were always together in the past. Going on picnics together, spending holidays together, getting together for most occasions. We knew who our aunts and uncles were, we knew our living grandparents, we knew our immediate cousins. The thing with most people is their family tree doesn’t concern them until they are over 40 (or if there is an illness which could be inherited). I had 5 siblings and my mother’s sister had 8 children. Three of my siblings had 6 children. We were always doing something together. A trip to New Hampshire to see grandparents, a trip to Cooperstown. We would cram into cars and go together.

Soon, we grew up, cousins and siblings passed away. We didn’t take the time to keep in touch with remaining cousins and their families. With cell phones coming in vogue, many of the family ditched their landlines and never kept in touch with us.

Last week, my cousin Charles (Chuckie) Holdridge passed away. I could not tell family members as I had no land line numbers. It was sad. that we lost touch.

The memories that made us laugh and cry are the ones we remember the longest. Please keep in touch with your extended family, so you have someone to share with.

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