I’ll call you back on that

I have been so upset with people this past week. Not friends and neighbors, but telephone people. Let’s see, where to begin.

I have been having problems with my sons’ Social Security and have to report monthly. Well, something happened, and I have been sending in form after form. The last form, they said they didn’t receive, so I had to make an appointment to meet with them in person. Fine, my appointment was the day after Election, and I had Opal to take me down. I got a call, oh, I only have one appointment that day, so I’m not going in, so I have to reschedule your appointment, and I’ll call you back. I’m still waiting.

Judy had a call in to a local restaurant to arrange a party. I can take the information down, but the boss will call you later. No call back. Vicky has had her kitchen torn apart because of a water leak. The inspector will call you back. Need I say it? We’re short of help, we can’t get back to you. I can’t understand why no one will take responsibility for their job. But, I’ll call you back on that.

Thanks Joe for coming to Ashland church and the beautiful solo.

Congratulations to all who were newly elected.

Thanks to all who helped or supported the Ashland Church’s soup and bake sale. Sorry no chicken and biscuits this year. Hopefully, next year.

Remember the WAJPL Golden Age Club Chinese Auction and bake sale this coming weekend. We’ll see you at the Windham WasteWater treatment plant across from the Chicken Run Nov. 13. Doors open at 10 a.m. and calling is at 2 p.m.

Nov. 14 is the VFW Breakfast at the hall on Route 23, Windham.

On Dec. 11, the Ashland Church will be holding its annual Cookie Walk. More details to follow.

The Senior Citizen Clubs are planning their annual luncheons: Mt. Top from Hunter-Tannersville is at the Rip Van Winkle Restaurant at noon Dec. 6. Call Chris at 518-589-5815 by Nov. 10. WAJPL will be holding its Holiday luncheon at the Xenia on Route 23A, Jewett Center on Dec. 15. Cost is $20 for members. Call Lula at 518-734-5360 or Opal at 518-750-8380 by Dec. 8.

Prayers for Karen Eisenberg who is in the Pines. Sympathy to the family of Gary Wank who passed this past week.


Summer is over and fall is here. It’s time to put away the summer clothes and bring out the fall/winter. But, do they fit? Have you lost or gained weight in the past year? Everything has to be tried on and then washed, even though they were clean when you put them away. I really do not like trying on clothes anymore. But, I remember:

When I was 18, I lived in Albany. There was no Walmart, Target or Kmart. We would go down to Pearl Street to “window shop.” We had no money, but that didn’t stop us from going into Flah’s, and trying on their (expensive) evening gowns, then to Solomon Brothers to try on fur stoles, coats and collars made from fox, ermine, mink. We’d wrap them around our necks and shoulders and parade through the store feeling like a million bucks. We’d go into Lerners shops and Breezees. We would try on suits, dresses, skirts and talk about what we would buy if we had the means. It was such a wonderful way to waste a day.

After we would walk down and go to White Castle for a hamburger (10 cents), and then the movies. So much entertainment for so little money.

Now, I look at what I have and what I have stored away and wonder why. I can’t possibly wear everything I own, but I still save it, and move it around the next season.

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