Hurricanes bring not so pleasant memories

Can I really be saying “Have a Safe and Sane Labor Day” already? The summer is winding down, kids are getting ready to go back to school. I don’t think I’m ready for the end of summer. I don’t want to think about all of the things I have to do to get ready for the cold weather. Although I no longer need to can, freeze, make pickles and otherwise stock my larder, I still have much to do to get my house ready for the cold weather. Time flies by much too quickly the older I get.

I had a booth in Prattsville last weekend. Started selling my pies and cookies again. Not too many buyers, lots of lookers. I had a beautiful doll, golden curly hair, beautiful face. A treasure for the lucky little girl who fell in love with her. As she picked it up, she told me that the doll’s name was Nellie. I’m so glad that Nellie found a home and someone to love her. And thanks to the mom who let her daughter adopt her.

There will be a Medicare Resource Day 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Sept. 8 at the Ashland Town Hall Parking Lot. Look for the purple van. Get the answers to your Medicare questions. If you are turning 65, even if you will continue with your personal health coverage, there are questions to be answered. What parts of Medicare should you sign up for? Do I need double coverage? All these will be answered. Refreshments will be provided. CDC Covid recommendations followed. For more information or to set up a one on one appointment, call Robin 518-410-1829.

Are you strong and have a pickup truck? A gentleman in Hunter needs help moving from Main Street to The Mews in Prattsville in the middle of September. Call Ken Brooks at Greene County Department of Aging 518-719-3555. You will be compensated for your time.

The second lecture on The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor by Ron Gabriel, will be held at 1:30 p.m. Sept. 17. All are welcome to attend at the VFW Hall on Route 23 in Windham. Refreshments will be served.

Congratulations to Kristen Garraghan and Eric Leach on the occasion of their wedding. Dot Giordano called and reported John’s daughter, Kaitlin came to visit with her fiance, Avishay Benyim and children. John got to take his grandson up to the farm and showed him all of the animals and let him get on the construction machinery. What fun for a little boy. While they were doing this, Great-grandma Dot was home preparing dinner for all.

There will be an Open House 1-4 p.m. Sept. 11 at C.D. Lane Park in honor of Ruth Cross’s 90th birthday. Come join the family and friends. COVID regulations in effect to keep all safe.

We have been trying to organize and restart our Ecumenical meetings, but COVID restrictions are putting a damper on it. As of now, we will not be getting together as each parish has its own qualifications for gathering.

Sympathy to the families of Sue Lacomb, Robin Allen and Leonard Sutton. Prayers to all of our Military brothers and sisters in Afghanistan and all of those affected by Ida. Prayers for Billy Maben and family.


I spent the weekend in Prattsville commemorating the 10th anniversary of Irene, and we are still here. It was a long, wet, hot weekend. I came home and turned on the TV to see the hurricane in Louisiana. I still get drawn back to the hurricanes and tropical storms that I have lived through. When I was young, I remember sitting on the porch of the farm house, seeing the flats completely covered in water. In 1960, I bought my house, but worked in Windham. When Hurricane Donna hit, I couldn’t even come home and check on my property.

From 1965 to 1969, my husband was stationed in Pensacola, I was a new bride, pregnant, new service wife, and no family nearby. As now, from August to October, it is hurricane season down south. Andy was in the Navy and stationed aboard the Lexington, a training ship with 5,000 sailors aboard. As soon as the hurricane warnings came out, it was all hands on deck. All the men had to be on board so they could sail out to safer waters. All families stayed behind and had to weather the storms alone. Navy housing was not the safest place to be during rough weather, but the men were safe.

The last year Andy was stationed at the Air Base in Ferry Pass. A storm came and we all spent the time under a table at the base. I had a 2-year old, a 3-year old and a new baby. Our house had jalousie windows and like dominos, they rippled out, A large tree fell out of the ground and all over our yard. They had sent many to the school, and the roof of the school blew off.

Then, 10 years ago, came Irene. We had to evacuate, not only my house, but the boys in their trailers. Andy was suffering from dementia, and couldn’t understand why we had to leave the house. Try packing up 3 sons and a husband, normally, at a moment’s notice. What do you take? What is important. Get out before the water gets any further in the houses. Why can’t we go home? We had three feet of water in our living room. Mud and debris throughout the entire house. How do you clean it? What can you salvage?

Ten years later, I am still finding corners that have silt in them. I still look for lost items. But, I survived. And each storm pray that others come through unscathed.

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