Hallmark movies are fantasy

Another big weekend down. Between Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, it sure has been busy for some. Since we changed to President’s Week, and a good excuse for a Mid-Winter Break, I hope all are busy this whole week. With all of the restrictions placed upon us by Covid, we don’t see the huge amounts of visitors in town or on the slopes, so I hope all of our local businesses wind up with a great bottom line this year. I also hope that all who want to ski can get a reservation.

With the snow and cold weather, I had my first sign of Spring being right around the corner. I woke up this morning to the most horrendous smell - my skunk is back and roaming around my house leaving its malodorous path in its wake. Judy thought she smelled one when she fed the birds this morning. Maybe the snow and cold doesn’t recognize spring, but the animals know when it’s time to come and eat.

My blurb about the Good Samaritans around brought “World-Wide” recognition to my friends, plus more as WRIP Radio helped by thanking them and all who have been helping out. My friend, Betty Hapeman told her son about my not getting plowed out for a week, and Glen promptly called and said he will make sure he stops by and help. Again, Thanks to all who help without asking for recognition. Wednesday is Ash Wednesday which means it’s time for the HENSONVILLE FISH FRY! The members of the Hensonville Fire Department will start frying on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17 starting at noon and going until 8 p.m.

Then they will be frying every Friday through Good Friday which is April 2. On Fridays, the time will be from 4-8 p.m. The choice is fish, chicken tenders or clams. All are served with either French fries or a baked potato, cole slaw, dinner roll and a brownie. All for a mere $10 per dinner. Take outs only, MASKS ARE REQUIRED when picking up your dinners. Order pickup will be in the truck bay to ensure Social Distancing. Call ahead to pre-order at 518-734-3040. Not only is this an excellent way to support your local Fire Department, the food is DELICIOUS!

On March 30, the Ashland Fire Department will be holding their annual spring chicken barbecue starting at noon. Halves only, $7 each half. First come, first served, no reservations. Take outs only. Masks and Social Distancing Required. Proceeds from this event will be donated to the family of Deputy Kevin Haverly Greene County Sheriff’s Department.

From Janet Moran: the Jewett Food Pantry will be open 2 times per month for the foreseeable future. With the exception of holiday weekend, the Pantry will be open the first and third Sundays of the month, Feb. 21 and March 7 will be the next scheduled openings. Please, don’t go hungry, we have plenty of food to share.

Mary Aull sends greetings to all of her Mountain Top friends from her new home in New York.

Welcome to the new residents across the street from me. The house has been empty for several years, and it’s good to see lights on at night again. It was formerly the home of Richard and Betty Young, the Frank Burkhart family and my great-grand-parents. Looking at it now, you wouldn’t believe this, but it was once a comb factory.

Prayers for Susan Luce. Sympathy and prayers to the family and friends of Annette C. Waller, 81, formerly of Stamford, mother of Diana Lawrence of Ashland, also to the family of Diane Lane of Prattsville. Condolences to the family of Eddie Bauer. He at one time had a large farm near Oak Hill. He was in the Meadows. Wally misses you!

Clarence Soule is still is ReHab in Margaretville Hospital. Cards and phone calls gratefully accepted.

Last week I forgot to write about the passing of Dorothy West Rice. She was the best friend of Dot Soule Giordano and Louise Holdridge Armstrong. She graduated from WAJ in 1954.


While watching the Boob Tube (which used to mean a mind-numbing experience, not what we see on some channels today), this year, I watched many movies on The Hallmark Channel. They have many on the same theme (so often, I can now write the plot and new shows for them), All clean Love Stories. They feature two young adults, unmarried at the current time, but with a child from a former marriage, which usually ended because of the death of a spouse. The couple knew each other when young, were often childhood sweethearts. He was the Captain of the football team, she was the studious type. She was Head Cheerleader, he was a Nerd.

It is now the present: Holiday Season. The Christmas Ball is fast approaching, or is it the Winter Festival? There is always a lot of snow — she slips on the ice and he conveniently rescues her — An argument ensues where past grievances are brought up and aired. They meet on the street and argue, ignore each other but, they wind up going to the Christmas Ball together. Dancing is always a great way to rekindle a relationship. Holding on to each other while the disco ball sends rainbows through the air. This is not the dancing that I knew. Here, they hold each other and sway in time to the music. No Fox Trot, Polka, Waltz. Does anyone remember how to do any of these anymore? We all did the ChaCha at one time. Can anyone even remember these dances? Now, the couple stands looking at each other and rock back and forth while telling each other what a good dancer they have become. Ha.

Stars in your eyes. Start off mad and become a couple. No wonder so many can’t deal with the true reality of life. Kids start out life looking for that stranger to come and rescue them from the bills, crying babies, illness, even death. Nope, we have to fight tooth and nail to survive. Not going to get that on any of my three Hallmark Channels. Nope, just the same, same, same.

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