Finally turning the bend towards summer

What a wonderful day today! And yesterday! I think we have finally come round the bend into our start of summer weather. What beautiful blossoms on so many trees. It is so breathtaking. The fragrance is starting to permeate the air, and it smells and looks heavenly. As I look around, I see all the work that awaits me, both indoors and out, and I just don’t know where to start. I hope in the fall, I can tell you it all got done. Ha!

The members of the Jewett Fire Department did go to honor Clarence Soule last Tuesday night. Thirteen members of the Department took all five trucks up to the house to make a mighty celebration. Along the way, they picked up Bill Mead who is the sole surviving charter member. (Bill will be a 61 year member this year.) Both Clarence and Jeanne came outside to greet their guests, after which cake was served.

Methodist Heritage Sunday will be held at 2 p.m. May 23 at the pavilion in Lexington. The sponsoring churches are Tannersville, East Jewett and Lexington. You are cordially invited to attend.


Louise, and Bill M. stay upright. Hope your aches go away quickly. Healing prayers to Nellis’s sister, Mary. Prayers to all those at Hannaford in Cairo. May all those who are now alone after losing a loved one find peace and comfort.


Do you know the expression, ‘a man is as good as his word?’ Many years ago a hand shake sealed the deal. No written contract was needed. The contractee explained what needed to be done, the contractor hemmed and hawed, decided how it was to be done, a general price was agreed upon, and wham bam, the job was finished. The general rule of thumb: I will pay, and I did. I will work, and I did. No written contract needed. If the work was done poorly, the contractor came back and made it right for no extra fee. Nowadays, even a written contract, signed by both parties, can be null and void. I will do the job for X amount of money but when the job is done, oh, by the way, I need more. Oh, you ask, did the price of materials go up? Oh no, I didn’t count on my help not showing up, and I had to hire someone else for more money.

Do you have a job? Do you get to work on time? Do you have to be reminded to show up? Do you call out just because? I heard a very important man say his father has a rule, if you are due at 10, and you arrive at 10, you are late.

Case in point: My hairdresser has two young children and a baby sitter. Last week, the sitter said she wouldn’t be in tomorrow. What? No warning? Just, goodbye, I won’t see you until next week? Did she suggest someone to take her place? Did she know in advance? Why wasn’t notice given? Now, Jo had to cancel all of her appointments; lost wages, no way to make up the loss. How many times can this happen before all of her customers go elsewhere? How many people were affected because one person was so inconsiderate?

In 89 years, I never gave my pledge and did not honor it. The churches are empty — what about your pledge? If you look at my house, you will see a pile of trash. At least three people have said they would be there to take it away. I’m still waiting. Is this all just empty talk? I do know that one of the men who would get the trash, also has problems hiring and keeping help. Not for lack of pay, but because no one wants to work.

Two years ago, I gave a man $600 to go to the lumberyard for material to fix my house. I’m still waiting for him to return. Where has integrity gone? Why do people all expect to be waited on, yet no one wants to be the waiter? How are we teaching our children?

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