My rhododendron are in bloom and gorgeous! I love this time of year when the flowers start blooming in sequence. My lilacs are done, but the rhodies have started along with the iris. Poppies are swaying in the breeze, people have started transplanting their annuals. I see daisies starting to bud, a sure sign that graduation is right around the corner. Hot days, cool nights, a sign of summer on the mountain.

Because of the Virus, and everything being closed, I will not be on Main Street over the Fourth of July weekend. However, I will be having a Yard Sale at my house on Route 23 where I will be selling my cookies and pies. If you need a Lula cookie or pie badly, call me and I’ll fill your craving. You don’t have to wait for me to bake, I will bake per order. 518-734-5360.

Did you know that Dr. Samadov has been assigned to the Cairo office? At one time, we had several doctors in the area, now we have none. It seems that Albany Medical Center Corporation doesn’t think that the Mountain Top needs health care. They have offices all over down the mountain, but we have to travel to get healthcare. Now that we have a new Fly Car, I guess we don’t need a doctor. Please, call, write, email, anyway you can complain. Let our representatives — Town, County, State whatever, know that we are here and need services.

Good news announcement. The Jewett Fire Department will be holding its annual Chicken BBQ on Aug. 8. As of now, they are talking take out only, but will let you know if that changes.

As Father’s Day approaches, it becomes harder and harder to remember those who are no longer here. This week we have many to remember with prayer: Sympathy and Prayers to the family of Uwe Schneeclaus who passed. He was the secretary for the Windham Masons for a long time. His wife, Ruth, passed more than a year ago. If the name is not familiar, he was the man with white hair and handlebar mustache. Always on the porch at the Temple for all of the parades. Dianne Lamanec passed away after a long battle with cancer. She was only in her 50s. Her son, Lawrence, is having a hard time and needs love and prayers. Norman Koehler is in Albany Med. Edsall Partridge is home from the hospital. Stay well, and away from trees.

Congratulations to Lynette Case and Andrew Waterman who were married on a gorgeous Saturday, May 30 up on the family farm in Sutton Hollow.


Welcome to the Mulbury House. The first doctor to come to Windham was Dr. Hervey Camp who built this house in 1814. It had been continuously lived in by his descendants until the passing of Dr. Edwin G. Mulbury in June 2004. It’s a shame to see such a beautiful house falling into disrepair. How many remember going up the side pathway to his office? Back in the day, there was a choice of Doc Mulbury or Dr. Blakeslee, one uptown, one down.

Now we get to the business section of Windham. It was always an area filled with shops and thriving businesses. A public library was established in 1890. It used to be in a small, beautiful building on the corner of Library Road, previously it was a jewelry shop which was built in 1899.

There were grocery stores, hardware store, butcher shop, two jewelry stores, blacksmith shop, shoemaker, harness shops, tailor, milliner, dressmakers, carpenters, masons, cabinet makers. As you look around Main Street, you can still see the facades of these businesses. Now we have restaurants, restaurants and restaurants. We would love to shop locally, but there’s no where to go.

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