Another week in January. I’m sitting here freezing, the wind is blowing, wind chill index is below zero, brrrr. January is the worst month to go through. You never know what to expect. I want to go get my booster shot, but I will wait until Thursday when it is “supposed” to be a little warmer.

I have started on my cleaning cycle. This past week I got my refrigerator cleaned out. What a job that always is. But, I found that when I schedule a certain amount of time for it, I don’t procrastinate, and get it done. I had planned on just doing one shelf at a time, but got the whole thing done in one shot. I think I might like my new way of thinking.

Greene County Department of Aging and Human Resources has a BIG problem. Not enough volunteers! Do you know that there are many elderly that rely on Home Delivered Meals.

It’s a huge problem when they can’t eat because there is no one to deliver meals to them. Do you know that there are many senior citizens that cannot go to the doctor because they no longer drive. Do you know that there are many widows/widowers who cannot go to an eye appointment because they cannot drive home because their eyes have been dilated. How about a colonoscopy?

These are just several of the reasons we need volunteers. If you have any time at all, consider calling Ruth at the County Office Building at 518-719-3555. All can be based on YOUR schedule.

But, believe me, help is desperately needed. Judy drives several friends to appointments, but who is available to drive her?

Freezing rain and fears of illness closed many of the area churches over the weekend. I hope next weekend is better.

Remember when we had such wonderful pizza parlors in the area? We would jump in the car and head down the mountain to Frank’s Pizza, or go to Harry’s Steak House? It seemed like a wonderful night out. Then Hilda Garbareno opened up a wonderful place where Messina’s is now located. It seems that the pizza was so much better back then. I heard the news that Hilda passed away recently. Sincere sympathy to her family and friends.

Prayers for Sparky (Tom Bristol) and for Ken Smith as they begin treatment. Also for Violet Mead, Marion Quick and Mary Holcomb.


Have you ever been told, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Today, it seems that everything is “new and improved.” The TV is telling you every day to up grade something. New bath, new kitchen, new rugs, new flooring.

Mattress ads flood the airwaves. Purple, Green, Memory Foam, innerspring... So I go back in my mind and think about how man slept through the ages.

Since the beginning of time, man has been looking for a comfortable sleeping mat. Cut hemlocks, rushes, leaves, all cushioned the ground and were covered by animal hides. It was found that if the rushes were woven into mats, they became sturdier and protected the body better.

Cowboys and most nomads made up bedrolls that could be unrolled at night yet were easily transported.

As man moved into permanent housing, bed frames were put together with ropes holding them up, and the mats placed on the ropes. Soon the mats became thicker, and stuffed with many items, including corn cobs, horse hair (ouch, prickly and hurts) and feathers.

In Europe, when a girl was born, her family started raising ducks and geese for the down, just for her use. “Her flock” when plucked, went into cases, so when she was married, she had a set of feather beds as a mattress, and a down comforter (or two), and pillows, to start off her married life.

Do you remember sleeping on a mattress that had springs covered with cotton? When the springs sprung, you sunk in the middle and when they broke — OUCH — right in back!

Raise the head to compensate, no raise the foot of the bed. Oh, what a sore back!

Kids slept in trundle beds that slid under their parent’s beds during the day. Sometimes they slept on pallets in front of the fireplace to keep warm.

Now, we have a choice, and what a choice! Twin bed, full bed, queen sized, king and California King (not as wide, but longer). Do you want purple, green, memory foam, camel hair, cotton? How firm or soft?

We have mattress covers, no more buttons on the mattress to hold it to the spring. Mattress pad to protect the mattress, with flannel so you don’t sweat. Do you want to flip your mattress?

There are handles to help, but if you have a pillow top, you can’t flip it anyway. Did our forefathers have back problems from sleeping on the floor? Hmmmm.

Anyway, to get back on track.

Do we really need all the new stuff that comes out? Do we really need “New and Improved”?

It used to be if your TV broke down, you knew what tube to replace, now we just throw out the TV. Can you get your toaster fixed? How about any electrical tool or appliance?

New ranges are available that connect to WiFi and let you monitor, but the mother boards are bad, so they don’t even hold temperature to bake.

Washers lock when you push start so you can’t add a forgotten item without starting all over again. That’s ok, just throw it out and buy new and improved.

Our landfills are loaded, recycling plants are full, but we are still being forced into buying new.

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