Memories of Windham

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends. Being it’s also Presidents’ Day Weekend, have a wonderful time. The birds are returning to the Mountain Top. Several have seen the return of Goldfinches to their trees and feeders. Time to put out the Niger Seed. Saw some “sapcicles” hanging from an old maple the other day. Spruceton has been harvesting some sap. Hmm take the chance and tap, or wait it out.

Ashland’s Bald Eagles can be seen in the trees near Robin’s place, across from the Pleasant Valley Cemetery. They must have been in the field at the flats because there was a car idling there the other day. It’s wonderful to see them in the area. They are such majestic birds. Just remember, they are birds of prey, and will swoop down and grab your cats and little dogs.

So happy to hear that George Dart is, not only up and about, but working steadily. Just can’t keep a good man down.

George Story will be celebrating his 100th birthday with a party at the Freehold Fire House 1-4 p.m. Feb. 22. Many best wishes, George. Happy 81st birthday to my dear friend Nellis Newcomb. William Holdridge and Dorthea VanValkenburg are also celebrating.

Just got a call from Joan (Matthews) Gates. She proudly announced the birth of her great-grandson, Zan, who was born on Feb. 4, weighing in at 6lbs 12 oz. Zan’s parents are Sheena and Justin Wanatee, Sheena’s parents are Cindy and George Tortorisel. Also congratulations to Darlene Mattice who is welcoming a new grandson.

Don’t forget to take your sweetie out for Valentine’s Day. You can go to the Hunter School for an Italian Dinner (reservations only), or go to the Lexington UMC for Brooks BBQ chicken dinner. On Saturday, you can go to the Greek Church of the Assumption for a rummage sale and get a wonderful gift. Then, on Sunday, you can go to breakfast at the VFW hall. See, no excuses.

The WAJPL Golden Age Club is hosting a 5 day-4 nights May 11-15 trip to Williamsburg & Charlottesville with Berkeley Plantation & Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.The package includes 4 breakfasts, buffet lunch at a historic tavern & 3 dinners. Plus guided tours. Price is only $689 pp double occupancy. For information, call MaryLouise at 518-622-3397 or Vicky at 518-734-4164.


Prayers for Mayanne Brink who broke her wrist. Maxine Jaeger with a broken shoulder and Pastor Choi’s son who is sporting a cast after fracturing his arm. Prayers for the Ashland Church. If you want an explanation, please call me.


Feb. 14 TGIF Chicken BBQ Lexington UMC 3-6:30 p.m. $12.

Feb. 15 Rummage Sale Greek Church of the Assumption Windham.

Feb. 16 VFW Breakfast Windham.

March 5 WAJ Drama Club Dinner Theater for senior citizens starts at 5 p.m. call Opal 518-750-8380.

March 6-8 WAJ production “HONK.”

March 21 All you can eat breakfast Ashland Church at the Ashland Town Hall 7-11 a.m.

March 31 Ecumenical Stations of the Cross Ashland Church 11 a.m. covered dish.


While passing through Windham the other day, I started walking down Memory Lane. I was passing by Bob Cramer’s “Twigs and Things” and watching the renovations being done. I drove down and looked at the other houses and wondered how they looked inside. If anything had been changed, and how they had changed.

I went back to my school days, when Dr. Stevens had his dentist office in the Bay Window room at Bob’s house. No after school bus, so we were given time during the school day to get your teeth fixed. Honey Stevens Ashback was in my class, so time was, also, spent with her grandfather.

On the corner next to the school was the tourist home of Inez Minkler. Martha Miller Caraveno worked for her in the summer as a teenager. She ran her hand through the wringer of the washer and was scarred forever. Mrs. Minkler’s back yard was right on the school ball field, and she hated the kids playing there. You didn’t dare hit a foul ball over the fence. Never got it back, and complaints were called into the school.

Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan Cammer were next, she gave piano lessons. I never could measure up. The living room would be set up for recitals, extra seats for the parents. I played, not very well. Windham Insurance, a big brown and white building was Vinny Newland’s house and office. The Munson’s had a Guest House. Doctor Blakeslee’s office was in the huge white house just past Twigs. The office was on the right as you walked in. The family lived in the rest of the house, so when you went to the office, you stayed away from the stairs because that led to the bedrooms. Next came the Presbyterian Manse (the Center Church was the Presbyterian Church back them). Then the Miller’s. Many remember Clayton Miller as the school custodian. Behind the houses were smaller houses, the Rappleyea family lived in one. Next was Elsie Case.

The lot, still vacant, before the Lumber Yard, was called the raceway. I don’t know why, although I heard it had to do with the creek racing around the corner there.

Take a look, let your mind wander. How did Windham look when you grew up? Maybe I’ll continue the memories on the other side of the street at a later date.

For now, have a great week.

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