A different spin on today’s column

I usually start the column with a comment on the weather or the majestic splendor of the Mountain Top.

Today is going to be totally different, as I just laid to rest my Right Hand Man. On Tuesday, under brilliant blue skies, in the place where he loved the best, his vegetable garden, an Interfaith service was held for John LoPresti. His three sons each gave a eulogy, saying what we all knew. John had a wonderful sense of humor, he was always giving to others, and he was a good husband, father and son-in-law. Looking around at the 70+ people who attended, we saw the love that he so willingly shared. His fellowship was also something that he would have enjoyed, as everyone came together to share pot luck. We will all miss him, his humor, his volunteering for anything and everything. Rest In Peace my dear friend.

A large bear was seen this week about 9:30 p.m., checking out houses in the park. Last week, he found the dumpster unlocked, so he figured he’d come and see if he could get in it again. Thankfully, he left empty handed this time.

The Reformed Church in Prattsville will be open again starting on Nov. 22. The official dedication will be held in the Spring.

Happy Birthday wishes to Doris Osborn from Hunter (Wanda Powell’s aunt) who will be 102 years old. I heard Betty Young had a special birthday. It was made more special when both Clarence and Jeanne Soule sang the Birthday song and sent good wishes via phone. Happy belated 80th birthday wishes to Tom Soule. Dot Giordano got wonderful news. She has a new great-grandson. Congratulations.

Ellouise Cole called me the other night. What a wonderful, long talk we had. She sends her regards to all. She is very happy living in her new housing. No more worries over the lawn mower, or who was going to shovel her out when needed. She misses her old friends, but has made new ones.

Sincerest sympathy to the family of Betty Reich. Condolences to the family of Skip Nicholls. Please keep all of the friends and family of John LoPresti in your thoughts on his passing. Get well wishes to Randy Brainard and Todd Matthews.


After a pause to rest, we are at the bridge crossing Mad Brook, and the next building that we come to was Avery’s Drug Store. Harry and his daughter ran it for many years. They lived on Mill Street and were able to come over to assist you at a moment’s notice. The next owners were the Wakefield family who ran it until the pharmacy was moved to its present location on South Street. It is now Prime Steak House.

Next door was Sokoll’s Garage. You could bring your car in for servicing, get Texaco Gas, or buy a new Ford from them. Upstairs was converted to house Peg’s (Margaret’s) Beauty Salon. Now we know the location as the Windham Diner and Bakery. If you go in the front entrance, you can see a picture of how it was. Thank you for holding on to a piece of our past.

The parking lot for the diner, and public parking was the location of The Old Coach Inn. It was torn down in the 1960s, and Bill Mead has quite a story on its demise. Larry Tompkins has pictures of The Inn, and it can be seen in the August 2017 Windham Historical Society Calendar.

We are so close to Miller Brothers, and many memories of this part of town. Keep those memories coming, we love hearing your information on the town of Windham.

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