Herbert Richard Sculnick

October 19, 1935 – September 26, 2020 Herb Sculnick passed away peacefully in Port St. Lucie, Florida, on September 26, 2020, after a long illness. He was a real character who lived life to the fullest. He will be greatly missed by his family and the many people he touched. We all loved him dearly.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Herb was predeceased by his father, Bernard Sculnick; mother, Sydelle Shifrin Sculnick; sister, Barbara King; nieces, Elizabeth King and Patricia Cantlay; sisters-in-law, Jeanne DeSimone and Charlotte DeSimone; father-in-law, Rocco DeSimone; best friend, Richard Siegel; and dogs, Roy, Yaffa, and Taro. He is survived by his wife, Mary Sculnick; son, Christopher Sculnick and partner Marie Prezner; son, Jason Ciccone and wife Milica Ratkovic-Ciccone; grandson, Luka Ciccone; and cat, Katie. Herb is also survived by his mother-in-law, Jean DeSimone; brothers-in-law Rocco DeSimone and Michael DeSimone; sister-in-law, HelenMary DeSimone; nephew, Matthew King and wife Liz King; niece, Deanna DeSimone and fiancé, Liz Lorence; and cousin-in-law, Jeanne Brooks. Also dear to Herb were his grand-nieces and grand-nephews: Isabelle King, Harrison King, Will King, Eliza Cantlay and Jack Cantlay; and his cousins, Richard Greenblatt, Harriet Moskowitz, Roberta Wolff, Dr. Peter London, Dr. Ross London, and Tsura August. Herb adored his healthcare providers, Kadian, Rose and Monique.

Herb will be remembered for his devotion to his wife and family, his sense of humor, his enjoyment of life, sayings he would repeat, like “Nobody Home?”, the Yankees baseball hat that he never removed, wearing the same “uniform” every day of his life: Yankee hat, black t-shirt, jeans and Nike sneakers, always wearing sunglasses (including indoors) and his passion for photography.

Some other things Herb loved: the New York Yankees; the Brooklyn Dodgers and Ebbetts Field; being a member of the Treasure Coast Photography Group; gardening; walking miles each day; West Side Story on Broadway; watching movie musicals; traveling all over the world, including his favorite place, Venice, Italy; the Statue of Liberty; the Empire State Building; Walmart; listening to music; eating with gusto; watching television, including Days of Our Lives, America’s Got Talent, and the Hallmark channel; getting a tan; Facebook; email; tinkering around the house.

Herb served in the Army, the 24th Division, and fought in the Korean War. After the Army, he continued dedicating his professional life to photography. Herb had a remarkable photography career in New York City at his studio, Herb Sculnick Photography. He specialized in fashion photography, then food/liquor, then travel photography, and baseball photography. Later, when Herb moved to upstate New York, he owned a photography store and studio in Hudson called the Hudson Photographic Center where he sold new and used equipment, specialized in enlarging and printing, ran photography workshops, and did studio work for big companies and small clients. After retirement, he lived in Catskill, New York, and wintered in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Herb took pictures until the last days of his life. During the last six months of his life, he organized his best photographs in a book – his career in photography. He was very proud of the book. He wrote a dedication and added his biography to the book, which is reprinted below.

Dedication: Around the World in 80 Years. A Brooklyn boy’s journey into The World of Photography, inspired by his father’s passion for Knowledge and Truth. My father was a man with no kind of formal education, who on his own studied the works of the great minds in literature, music, art, travel, and motion pictures. He never left the life of his easy chair, only to inspire me to see the world in his place. - Herb Sculnick 2020

He wrote: My favorite photograph is one of Lady Liberty taken from a boat when we pulled right up to her at midnight and she let me photograph her. She is some beauty. Lucky me.

I began my career in photography at the age of 13, with a Brownie camera. As time went by, I moved up to 35mm, 4x5 and 8x10 cameras. I lived and breathed photography. I worked for several photographers as an assistant in New York City and then opened my own studio on 5th Avenue and 20th Street. I managed to acquire some great accounts like Johnny Walker, Good Humor, Nabisco, and IBM, to name a few. I was lucky enough to travel all over the world and photograph many celebrities.

I married the woman of my dreams, have two sons and a grandson. There were lots of ups and downs but I am still standing. Life is good. I have been a very lucky man, and yes, I always wear that Yankees hat! - Herb Sculnick

Services will be private. The family will be hosting a Shiva via Zoom, and sometime during 2021, when it is safe to be together, we will have a Celebration of Life. Herb’s wife, Mary Sculnick, may be reached at

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