Testing kit shipment delayed

Contributed photo Greene County Legislature Chairman Patrick Linger, R-New Baltimore, left, accepts a donation of coronavirus test kits from Ulster County on Tuesday.

Greene and Columbia county officials awaiting shipments of testing kits were disappointed to learn Thursday the delivery was postponed for a week.

As calls for public testing intensify, Columbia County officials unveiled plans for a drive-through testing clinic on Wednesday.

Greene and Columbia county officials said the kits will be used for public testing and to monitor nursing-home populations.

The Columbia County Health Department will open a clinic to test members of the public for COVID-19 using the 1,000 commercial testing kits the county has ordered from Thermo Fisher, health department officials confirmed Thursday.

The testing kits were due to be delivered Friday, but have been delayed one week by the supplier.

“We are planning to try and model the SUNY Albany testing site with pre-registration only that will include screening questions to help prioritize and screen people,” Columbia County Health Department Public Information Officer Patricia Abitabile said.

The planned drive-thru clinic will test 150 pre-screened individuals, Abitabile said.

“We are planning on making this the first of several clinics; this is a trial run,” she said.

The Columbia County Health Department is working with Columbia Memorial Health to organize the testing clinic. A location has not been determined, Abitabile said.

“This is all done in conjunction with CMH that is providing people who will do the testing,” she said. “CMH will be working with us together.”

Only pre-registered individuals and those referred to the county by providers will be considered for testing, Abitabile said.

The clinic announcement follows a week of increased testing by Greene and Columbia county health departments, which each received 100 kits from the state. With those supplies nearly depleted, officials are renewing their efforts to secure testing kits from state and commercial sources.

Columbia County has used 60 of the 100 testing kits from the state, Abitabile confirmed.

The 100 testing kits provided to Greene County were used within a couple of days, Greene County Legislature Chairman Patrick Linger, R-New Baltimore, confirmed. An additional 25 testing kits donated by Ulster County have also been used, he said.

“Our public-health team already used those tests on nursing-home staff and patients,” he said.

Linger confirmed that Greene County has placed an order for 1,000 testing kits. The kits will either be paid for with grant money from the state or with taxpayer dollars and then reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, he said.

Greene County has also placed repeated requests with the state for testing kits and personal protective equipment. On Tuesday, a trailer delivered supplies to the county’s Emergency Operations Center, Linger said.

“I spoke with Congressman [Antonio] Delgado and he was going to advocate on our behalf to the state. He was going to make that call on our behalf,” Linger said. “When that PPE showed up, I can only assume it was because those calls were made.”

In a statement, Delgado, D-19, said he will continue to work alongside local partners to advocate for supplies.

“I am glad to see that Greene County was able to obtain needed PPE and testing kits from the state,” Delgado said. “Earlier this week, I spoke with Legislature Chairman Linger and my office was in touch with the governor’s office to advocate on their behalf. I appreciate the governor’s swift action to get these needed materials to our community,”

Linger traveled to Ulster County on Tuesday to receive a donation of testing kits and disposable gowns from the Ulster County Public Health Department.

Ulster County Deputy Executive John Milgrim called Linger to offer the donation after seeing an article in The Daily Mail about Greene County’s lack of PPE and testing equipment.

“He told me he could help us out because they do have several health care providers that are able to get things we cannot,” he said, noting that Ulster County has four times the population of Greene County.

Linger called the donation “advantageous and gracious.”

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Chris B

Popcorn! Peanuts! Hot dogs! That’s right folks! Step right up and watch the show! It’s a daily show, so if you miss it today, there’s always tomorrow...


To Scotty Meyers:

People are dying from this terrible virus. Our neighbors. Our friends. Our families. Our medical staff and our First Responders who are trying keep us all alive. Anyone who uses this event as a tool to promote their own political agenda is a disgraceful, deplorable and pathetic individual. Shame on you Scotter Meyers! Even if one agrees or disagrees with the Greene County Jail issue we can all agree that actions like the are contemptuous.

Now Scotter Myers, in his cowardly way, has blocked me and dozens of others from his Facebook page for speaking out against him so we can no longer see his post ( and he can't see ours). I guess he will continue to do so until he literally will have NO one watching him. How intelligent is that? So all we have left is to picture poor Scotter, sitting and shivering in his low rent motel unit tapping away at his cheap little laptop with nobody to hear him. How ironic.

But alas, there is hope. With any luck he will be convicted of his numerous criminal violations and he can become a charter member of the new Greene County Jail and live in his new $9 million luxury. Your importance and relevance is hosted in your mind only and no one is listening to you. “Beam me up Scotty”


We'll try not to disappoint everyone. Anything to get this idiot GONE.


The people making decisions here wasted borrowed money on human cages and are completely unprepared for the needs of our people.

Kimberly Kaplan tested positive for COVID-19 and is our Public Health Director.

No testing, no respirators, no ventilators, no triage and no hospital.

Then, her husband asked the Village of Catskill to tear down 80 Bridge Street, worth $1.85 million, at a cost of $700,000, to make a parking lot. And they said: “sure.”

And, the same people are building the jail during the shutdown, bringing in contractors from more infected counties each day.



Scooter AKA Scott Myers,

You are a broken record and "Pathetic" . It's a done deal. Hopefully you will get arrested again. That should shut you down for awhile.


Every effort by our legislators and administrators is for a giant very expensive set of punishment cells, a jail.

$90 million ON TOP OF the $114 million annual budget, draining all other projects. Justice reforms mean we have less than 15 detainees. The surrounding county jails are 80% empty. Shared jails are legal.

Tearing down 80 Bridge Street, which has NO significant defects, is a sick strategy to exceed the 2% tax cap.

Peter Linger personally had me arrested just for going to the monthly public meeting (1/16/2019).

He got orders of protection against me, as did Administrator Groden and Attorney Kaplan.

Kaplan’s wife Kimberly is the head of GC Public Health.




Myers, you are deplorable! You must just love lawsuits. I am sure you would not have been arrested how you not been totally out of control as you were last summer at a certain village of Catskill meeting that you made a public spectacle of yourself. You have alienated yourself from any sane person in Greene County. Go elsewhere and get your lousy politics out of our county. Surely the motel must need your room by now. Get out and stay out of Greene County and Columbia County. You are not welcomed!


Hey Scooter....Guess you took Facebook page down. When are you going to learn that no one wants to hear/see your propaganda. Looking at the video of the arrest, you're lucky the deputy didn't TAZOR you. I hope he charged you with resisting arrest on top of whatever else. Maybe when the new jail is built you could be the first criminal to be introduced. Probably be better than the fleabag motels you've been living in. Everyone I've seen on FB and here are sick and tired of your whining about the jail. It's being built so get over it already. Move to another county or better yet country like Iraq, Syria, China , Cuba etc.

You were whining about not seeing you kids since 9-11. It's no wonder. They probably don't want to see a WSM like you either. GO AWAY Scooter.

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