HUDSON — Two Columbia County residents have tested positive for COVID-19, health officials said Friday.

The individuals were identified as a woman in her 60s in southern part of county and a woman in her 30s in northern part of county by Victoria McGahan, a public health educator for the county health department.

Both women are under mandatory isolation at home.

“I can’t speak directly to the positive cases, but it is CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and NYSDOH [New York State Department of Health] guidance that household contacts are placed under quarantine, as well,” McGahan said.

A team of nurses working for the Columbia County Department of Health has begun to trace people who may have come into contact with the infected individuals.

“They interview the patients and follow up on whatever information is shared with them,” McGahan said.

The individuals were tested for COVID-19 at a facility in the Columbia Memorial Health network, but officials declined to identify which of the three facilities performed the tests. Columbia Memorial Health is conducting tests at Columbia Memorial Hospital and at two rapid care facilities — one at 283 Mountain View Road, Copake, and the other 2827 Route 9, Valatie.

County Public Health Director Jack Mabb contacted Columbia County Board of Supervisors Chairman Matt Murell to inform him of the two positive cases.

Murell then informed the supervisors of the towns where the individuals are living under quarantine, the health department confirmed.

The county has plans to activate an emergency operations center in the case of a large-scale outbreak, Columbia County Emergency Management Director David Harrison Jr. said last week. The emergency operations center was not activated as of Friday, Murell said.

Citing privacy laws, the health department said it cannot disclose the names or locations of the individuals who tested positive.

“Although there is a confirmed case in Columbia County, and patient confidentiality prevents specific details about the individual case, the risk to our community remains low,” according to County Public Health Director Jack Mabb in a statement posted to the health department website.

The county has been preparing for weeks for a positive COVID-19 case, according to Murell.

Seventy-four Columbia County residents were tested for COVID-19 as of Thursday. The two most recent cases are the first tests to come back positive.

Nine people are under mandatory quarantine and 37 people are under precautionary quarantine in the county.

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