CAIRO — The Greene County Youth Fair’s Quarantine Classic kicked off Thursday with 49 exhibitors and over 400 exhibits, Greene County Agricultural Society Secretary Patricia Ross said.

Carl Kohrs, who serves on the Greene County Agricultural Society’s Board of Directors, conducted the opening ceremony Thursday.

During the 2020 opening ceremony, Kohrs did not give his typical annual reminders to exhibitors to not run in the livestock tents or what to do in the event of a lightning storm. Instead, he made sentimental remarks about the loss of the traditional fair setting.

“We miss all our kids this year,” he said. “Yes, it is heartbreaking. It is heartwarming that we’re having it done and we can do this.”

Exhibitions are featured on the fair’s website, and the fair’s Facebook page, provided that the youth’s guardian signed a release form allowing their photos or videos to be published.

Livestock exhibits were published throughout the day on Friday, non-livestock submissions were published Saturday and videos from the annual talent show will be published Sunday. Greene County Agricultural Society President Alex Johnk will hold a closing ceremony Sunday.

Non-livestock submissions such as artwork or baked goods were submitted either in a one-to-three-minute video format or with photos accompanied by a written description. Exhibitors were required to answer five questions about their projects.

Livestock submissions required a one-to-three-minute video demonstrating the youth’s showmanship skills — or how they handle the animal in the show ring. Photos of the animal before and after being prepared for the show ring were also required for the submission and the exhibitor had to answer five questions about the animal in the video portion.

“We evaluated each and every one of them,” Ross said, referring to the 400-plus exhibits. “We looked at them, made comments and will email the comments back.”

Exhibitors will get ribbons for participating in the fair and premium money, Ross said.

“The kids were very excited about doing it,” Ross said. “They can’t wait to see themselves on the internet.”

Greene County Agricultural Society Board of Directors member Dianne Lewis helped some exhibitors with the process by volunteering to film youth handling their animals, Ross said.

“I don’t see other fairs doing this,” Ross said.

The Altamont Fair and Dutchess County Fair are holding food festivals July 24-26, where patrons can come get their “fair food fix.”

Food trucks will be offering drive-through service at the fairgrounds. Details are available at or the Dutchess County Fair Facebook page.

Columbia County Fair organizers have made no announcements about alternative events.

Kohrs thanked the fair staff for their efforts to make the virtual fair possible, and reminded exhibitors and fairgoers that the fair will be back in 2021, from July 22-25, with community favorites such as Mr. Scribbles, Buffalo Barfield, the tractor pull and the Robert White Woodsman show.

Brooks’ Barbecue, which is typically at the fair every year on opening night, will hold a fundraiser for the Youth Fair in Greenville on Aug. 27, Kohrs said.

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