Charles Senrick

Charles Senrick

HUDSON — Charles Senrick is running as the Libertarian candidate in the 107th Assembly district.

Senrick grew up in East Schodack and has lived in the district for 24 years.

Senrick, 62, worked for the state for 33 years, starting as a file clerk and later a team leader in the Attorney General’s office.

In that job he worked with people to solve problems and give them the tools they needed to do their jobs.

“That’s what I’m looking at this race as — going into the Assembly, I would be trying to do a similar job, to help solve the state’s problems, which we have a lot of them right now, and try to give people the tools they need to live their own lives freely,” Senrick said.

Senrick attended Columbia and East Greenbush high schools, SUNY Oneonta and SUNY Albany. Senrick studied meteorology and atmospheric science and then went to work for the state.

Later, Senrick returned to SUNY Albany and earned a bachelor’s degree in U.S. history.

The candidate enjoys volunteer work. For over 25 years he has been a special events and projects volunteer with the Historic Cherry Hill House in Albany. He has volunteered with the Community Hospice in Rensselaer County.

For five years Senrick was a literacy volunteer in Rensselaer County, working as a math and reading tutor, and he volunteers frequently with his church and parish.

Some of the most important issues facing the district are environmental, Senrick said.

“I believe that we’ve had a number of environmental problems creep up with the discovery of contamination in Petersburg and Hoosick Falls,” Senrick said. “Also, this past winter we discovered Norlite having burned the fire extinguisher foam that then deposited possibly contaminated material across the northern tier of the district.

“I believe it’s important to protect our water and our land. That’s a big issue,” Senrick said. “A few years ago we also had the possibility of a pipeline being put through this area. I believe the fossil fuel infrastructure is not a direction that we want to be headed in.”

He is also concerned about local farmers and family farms going out of business because of large farming and agribusiness, and about criminal-justice issues.

“I believe the bail-reform bill that was passed was done with good intentions, but I don’t think it was effective and I think it has to be modified to be more balanced to support public safety,” Senrick said. “But also to watch out for the people who have been accused of crimes, and I think that’s part of our problem here now.”

If elected, Senrick wants to get people to focus on viable solutions to the state’s problems rather than furthering an agenda.

“I think people are so polarized on either side of certain issues they are kind of missing sight of what the actual goal is,” he said.

Unlike his opponents, he is not held to a strict political party structure, Senrick said.

“I am a Libertarian, but the Libertarian structure is not such that it can dictate to me what I should be doing. Basically, that’s my philosophy,” he said. “I am going to follow that and what the people need to live their lives. That’s my focus. It’s not on what do my party leaders think about this problem, it’s what the people feel about this problem.”

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