Cuomo signs affordable broadband bill

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday signed legislation requiring internet providers to offer $15 a month high-speed internet access to low-income households. (Aleksandar Radovanovic/Dreamstime/TNS)

BUFFALO — Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation Friday requiring broadband providers to offer $15-per-month high-speed internet access to low-income households.

“It can be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year, to get access to the internet and many New Yorkers just can’t afford it, especially today, especially in a post-COVID economy,” Cuomo said Friday at a briefing in Buffalo.

The bill requires all internet providers to offer high-speed broadband at $15 a month, including all equipment and fees, to low-income households and individuals who qualify for government assistance, Cuomo said.

For families that cannot afford the $15 per month fee, Connected New York will finance 50,000 students and their families to cover the fee while remote learning remains a necessity, Cuomo said. The cost will be covered by an emergency fund financed by Schmidt Futures and the Ford Foundation.

Eric Schmidt, of Schmidt Futures, said providing high-speed access to all is critical.

“The internet is no longer optional,” Schmidt said. “It’s a moral duty, it’s the right thing to do.”

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MidHudson manipulated our important utility, badly. A monopoly contract exists. A grant was declined a few years ago. The county declined to spend 15% for 85%. Horrible.


“Scott O. Myers, 67, of Catskill was arrested by State Police on April 16 and charged with two counts of second-degree criminal contempt, a misdemeanor. He is scheduled to appear in Catskill Village Court.“

Rory VanDeusen

Maybe he will the first resident in the NEW JAIL!!!

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