COVID down 67% in NY

Gov. Kathy Hochul announced on Long Island on Friday the state’s coronavirus positivity rate has declined to single-digit numbers for the first time since before Christmas.

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I don't want anyone to take their party hats or anything, but 3,100 people died yesterday. That's as bad as it was last winter.

Now picture this: A disease that infects 331 million people twice a year and kills 2% of the people who get it each time.

If the other half of the country doesn't vaccinate and the United States at least pretend it's a world leader in anything other than "Party dude!" we're going to face that. So while other countries contain at 221 cases, we prefer to go all the way to the black death scenario. Because delaying gratification is NOT fun. And Americans like fun.

But a disease that kills 2% of 331 million people who catch it... twice a year... would very quickly spiral into a black death. 6.6 million dead per surge. And it's not impossible. Omicron has the contagiousness down pat (infect everyone but leave them alive) and Delta has the kill them now part down right (2% mortality). So if those two mix into your worst nightmare, parties will end quickly.


Do you realize how scary this headline is? "Positivity down 67%" (30,000 cases a day).

240 people died yesterday. That's more people dead than they had cases in China yesterday.

China locked the door and barred the windows over 221 cases in a day. We're over here with 30,000 cases a day with tard stickers on our forehead heading out to Applebees to celebrate. The whole world better hope China didn't actually come up with this because if so, they've done a really great job of containing it while we've partied ourselves into a black death.

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