CHATHAM - Chatham High School announces the Excellence in Effort for the first quarter of the 2019-2020 school year.

Evelyn Crosby SS 12- Economics; Maria Castellanos SS 12- Economics; Caroline Paolucci Psychology; Alyssa Mowris Global History I; Emma Braley Global History I; Jordan Fisher AP World History 9; Isabella Spencer AP World History 9; Micheala Kratt U.S. History & Government; Amanda Roberts AP World History II; Carissa Palladino Human Identity; Lauren McCormick Human Identity; Ryan Graziano AP U.S. History; Morgan Ball Health; Brittany Boughton Orchestra; Maya Case Orchestra; Ryley Dikeman Orchestra; Hailey Ruff Band;

Grayson Van Wie Jazz Band; Brady Oles Music Theory; Olivia Dyer Global History & Geography II; Kenneth Davey Design and Drawing for Production; Anneke Nijboer Spanish I; John Miles Spanish II; Erin Madsen Spanish III; Hannah Kelly Spanish IV; Julia Rose Spanish V; Meghan Distin Academic Initiative; Mario Forbes Academic Initiative; Nicholas Jennings Academic Initiative; Caleb Jeralds Academic Initiative; Brandon Davey Academic Initiative; Emily Rose Art; Tessa Wallace English 9; Nicole Meyers English 9 Pre-AP; Gavin Tanner English 10; Anna Carroll English 10 Pre-AP; Logan Shields English 11; Sonam Verma English 11 Pre-AP; Caroline Paolucci English 12 AP; Caleb Jeralds English 12; Darren St. Aubin College Bound Math; Tyler Beaudry Geometry; Anna Miles Geometry Accelerated; Jayden Turner-Osborn Pre-Calculus; Sonam Verma Pre-Calculus Accelerated; Derek Roberts AP Calculus; Brady Oles Algebra 2; Maya Case Algebra 2 Accelerated; Jacob Sorros Consumer Math; Brooke Starks Algebra 1B; Christopher Hayes Algebra; Ethan Jones Algebra 1A; Richard Kratt Introduction to Business; Alivia Canning Financial Literacy; Sean King Management & Leadership; Emma Witaszek Theater Production & Marketing; Ava Powers Living Environment; Ellie Blass Living Environment; Jayden Turner-Osborn Environmental Science; Christopher Hayes Earth Science; Morgan Simmons AP Biology.

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