Trustees OK jail demolition

File photoThe former Greene County Jail on Bridge Street in Catskill.

CATSKILL — Village trustees signed off on the demolition of the former Greene County Jail complex and sheriff’s office Wednesday night.

Built in 1908, the old Greene County Jail and the sheriff’s office are listed on both state and national historic registries. Although it is owned by the county, the property is located in the village and the action required a balancing resolution.

“The county was asking for our OK to demolish the building the county owns already without going through more hoops,” Trustee Joseph Kozloski said Thursday.

Kozloski, trustees Natasha Law, Peter Grasse Jr. and Village President Vincent Seeley voted in favor of the resolution. Trustee Gregory Smith abstained. Smith could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Some residents criticized the board’s willingness to go along with the county’s wishes.

“The village doesn’t have to agree with the county,” Catskill author Hudson Talbott said. “The county wants them to sign so they can say look, even the village wants this to happen.”

Seeley said, “There’s nothing we can do about it,” according to Talbott.

“They were signing something they didn’t have to sign,” Talbott said. “It felt like bullying to me. It felt like the county was bullying the village.”

Seeley made similar remarks at the meeting, Talbott said.

“[Seeley] said it’s happening whether we sign off on it or not,” according to Talbott. “I get that he has to choose his battles and he doesn’t want to pick a fight with the county.”

The final decision on what to do with the buildings and the property rests with the county, the village president stressed Thursday.

“We approved a balancing resolution that removed the need for the county to go through additional bureaucracy in the process of them [demolishing] the current jail on Bridge Street,” Seeley said. “This action was a simple administrative action that avoided us from having to continue to drag out this process and conversation any longer. We need to remember that this property belongs to the county and thus they ultimately get to decide what to do with it.”

The county considered other options, Seeley said.

“The county held meetings, both public and one-on-one, to understand any concerns and hear proposed uses of the site,” Seeley said. “After vetting out the proposals and hearing the concerns, the legislators voted to commence with the demolition. In my opinion, we all need to move on from this jail topic as there are so many more productive uses of our time and energy in the village. Bottom line is that we have a new jail in Coxsackie and have no use or financial support to do anything with the old site.”

Law agreed.

“It’s not our building,” she said. Who are we to tell them what to do with their property? That’s like me telling my neighbor they cannot knock down their old garage and build a new one. Many people have gone to the county with ideas for the usage of that property. Some ideas I think are great ideas. But none of those great ideas had any funds to turn their ideas into a reality.”

Grasse agreed with the board of trustees’ decision, he said.

“I don’t feel it’s in the best interest of our village board to throw a stick into the county project at this point,” he said. “If we as a board delayed the demolition I wouldn’t want to be a village taxpayer for any legal repercussions [we might incur].”

Grasse added that he was unsure if the county had already signed contracts for the demolition.

Greene County Legislature Chairman Patrick Linger, R-New Baltimore, said he expected the project to go out for bid in March.

The proposals Grasse heard for alternative uses for the site generally lacked resources to fund the projects.

During the meeting an amendment to the resolution was proposed by resident Robert Tomlinson asking the county to consider saving the sheriff’s office, if possible, due to its historic value.

Tomlinson had first asked the board not to approve the resolution, to which Seeley responded that it would be “opening up a whole can of worms,” according to Tomlinson.

“I do trust Vinny,” Tomlinson said. “Vinny knows what he’s talking about.”

Since the resolution was going to be passed, Tomlinson instead asked for the amendment in an attempt to save the sheriff’s office.

“The county can choose to ignore it or the county can consider it,” he said.

Talbott supports the idea of saving the sheriff’s office, he said.

“It’s part of Catskill’s historic heritage,” Talbott said. “Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

“The sheriff’s office deserves some consideration, if not 100% protection,” he added.

Greene County Treasurer Peter Markou, who attended the meeting, noted the state Office of Court Administration is interested in developing additional office space on the property.

“All the more reason to work with the state to see if we can incorporate that one building,” Talbott said.

The county has explored a few options for using the parcel, including two parking lot designs with either 23 or 41 spots, estimated between $1.33 million and $1.9 million.

The engineering firm Barton & Loguidice estimated that to develop a new 5,000-square-foot office building on the parcel would cost between $1.13 million and $1.2 million.

Constructing a new office complex to meet the needs of the Office of Court Administration and possibly the Public Defender’s Office is an option, Linger said.

“[The public defender] is in need of space and it does make sense logistically,” he said. “I could potentially see it happening. It depends what kind of space is available.”

Seeley sees the site as having multiple uses in the future.

“I believe the most likely scenario of the site will be a reuse of the carriage house as a small museum, an expansion of the county court complex with parking underneath that will free up much needed parking on our main street,” Seeley said. “Office of Court Administration would likely be the only entity with the resources to do anything with that parcel. Whether you were for or against the jail, what is done is done and we need to shift our energy to bringing businesses and jobs to this area.”

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(2) comments


why dont you leave this alone nothing is going to change you are the only one complaining


Vincent Seeley, cousin of now defamed exSheriff Greg Seeley (named “Worst Offender” by SCOC. incompetently reinforces the grossest fraud by Greene County imaginable.


Dear neighbors and friends:


Last night, in a needless and completely counterproductive vote, the Village of Catskill elected to aid the rip off of the county and destroy the Sheriff’s Office.

In an ill advised act the Catskill Village passed a proclamation blessing the County’s destruction of the 80 Bridge Street Sheriff’s Office, which is a $1.8 million asset.

County Law § 216 requires that the Sheriff’s Office remain in the county seat, Catskill. Barton and Loguidice later prepared a report costing rehab at $3.8 million. The adjacent public library and courthouse were built at the same time, with the same methods, and are beautifully restored. Tearing down 80 Bridge Street will cost $700,000 – your money! Then what? It’ll be a non-revenue producing parking lot.

To their credit, Hudson Talbot, Deena LeBow, Robert Tomlinson, and Deb Samuels opposed blessing the destruction. CORRECT!

There’s fake news here. The tearing down 80 Bridge Street is a strategy to force the new monster jail in Coxsackie. Without anywhere to return to the new jail appears required. The required detail allows an expense above the 2% property tax cap. Get it? Adding a new $90 million obligation to a yearly $114 million budget simply obliterates the 2% cap laws. I have article 78s pending in the Court of Appeals on this issue. Please don’t undermine this path.

The jail was closed on April 20, 2019, but not for architecture. 4 engineering companies in a row lied, RicciGreene, Delaware, Katterskill and Barton and Loguidice. Katterskill recanted.

The Village of Catskill does not own 80 Bridge Street, and has NO ROLE TO BLESS THE COUNTY’S GROSS NEGLIGENCE!

When asked directly the trustees, Vincent Seeley, Natasha Law, Joseph Kozloski, and Peter Grasse, don’t approve of tearing the Sheriff’s Office down. They don’t approve of the monster new debt for a new $90 million jail. Then, DON’T CONDONE THIS PLOT! When I asked Pete Kusminsky before the election he said the new jail was too big and too expensive. Correct!

I’m in the Court of Appeals and the Ulster County Supreme Court and in two Federal Courts to gain court oversight. Enormous graft exists. Enormous financial drain is occurring – none of the contractors are Greene County Companies, all of the interest leaves the county.

This is a small otherwise precious county. The alternative is to rehab the existing Sheriff’s Office with a few holding cells. Ample human cages exist in the adjoining counties. Then, yes, convert the monster in Coxsackie to a legitimate medical treatment facility.

I am the target of considerable foul play, which I converted to 2 federal civil rights cases. This is a request to call your village representative and demand they retract their proclamation blessing of the destruction of 80 Bridge Street. (518) 943-3830. If you don’t you’ll be responsible for the $1,85 million loss (the facility), the $700,000 cost of demolition (read: graft), and you will give your passive permission for the ENORMOUS mistake of the monster new jail in Coxsackie. Links to relevant documents are below.


Scott Myers

5063 Rte. 32, Room 14

Catskill, NY 12414

(518) 291-8169

I look for what needs to be done. After all, that’s how the universe designs itself. (Buckminster Fuller)

Case in COA against the jail – an Article 78

Barton and Loguidice Reports

20170503 Delaware Engineering GC Jail Assessment wResponse by Myers – binder

905464-19 Exhibit 7 20190913 District Attorney Joe Stanzione update

905464-19 Exhibit 6 20190924 Richard Straut P.E. Barton and Loguidice

905464-19 Exhibit 5 Exhibits supporting foul play by local law enforcement binder

905464-19 Exhibit 4 18-F-81 FOIL results to and from COC

905464-19 Exhibit 3 THE WORST OFFENDERS REPORT – by COC – February 2018

905464-19 Exhibit 2 20190308 tOP by Pazen re. Lt. Tracy Quinn

905464-19 Exhibit 1 File of recusals, reversals and dismissals wSupporting Documents redacted

Bail Reform – full text

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