CATSKILL — Winter presents new challenges for Twin County residents already facing the impact of COVID-19.

Village Trustee Natasha Law recognized a need in the community for warm winterwear and initiated a coat drive to serve both Catskill and Hudson.

Coats from the next round of the drive will be available Monday afternoon at Dutchman’s Landing in Catskill and Seventh Street Park in Hudson.

Law’s first clothesline of coats went up Nov. 5 in Catskill, followed by another installation Nov. 8 in Hudson.

“I put out about 60 coats in each place,” Law said. “The coats went fast in both locations so there is clearly a need.”

Donations can be made at The Juice Branch’s two locations: on West Bridge Street in Catskill and Columbia Street in Hudson.

Coats of all sizes are accepted for men, women and children. Law is asking that the coats be functional and clean.

“This was a true community project and I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help,” Law said, adding that one donor purchased a shopping cart full of new coats to contribute.

Village Trustee Joseph Kozloski praised the unique clothing drive.

“I think it’s a good project,” he said. “There are probably some families out there that do need the coats and if people have ones in decent shape and if someone else can use it, it would be well worth it.”

Another resource for those in need of coats is the Matthew 25 Food Pantry.

Matthew 25 began its annual coat drive at the end of October and is accepting donations at this time, owner Patti Dushane said.

About 20 coats have been distributed to community members, Dushane said, adding that she expects more will be handed out on Saturday when the pantry gives out Thanksgiving baskets. Dushane will be giving out 108 turkeys this year, she said.

Despite some COVID-19 changes, operations at the pantry have continued as usual, Dushane said.

“It doesn’t matter what goes on, people still got to eat,” she said.

The pantry increased its hours when the pandemic hit and is seeing an uptick in requests as the holidays draw near, Dushane said.

Matthew 25 is open Tuesdays from noon to 5 p.m., Wednesdays from 6-8 p.m., Sundays from 1-3 p.m. and Mondays by appointment.

Those in need of a coat or wishing to donate coats should contact Dushane through the Matthew 25 Food Pantry Facebook page or at 518-821-7298.

Kozloski encouraged anyone with coats to contribute to contact either drive organizer.

“During this time of COVID and other things going on, there is a need for coats,” he said. “Anybody that has a coat to donate, please donate to either Natasha’s or Matthew 25.”

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Really wonderful and sensitive project, and another great article by Sarah Trafton.

This project is a barometer for the emended poverty here. It’s a result of gross mismanagement by both the county and the Town/Village. The new sheriff’s office/jail, the destruction of the historic 80 Bridge St., add a new debt burden of $93 million - a 20% tax increase. The jail was never justifiable, the surrounding county jails are 80% empty due to sane reform of justice and bail laws. Central Hudson’s Out of alignment shows a declining population and per-capita - before COVID-19.

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