COXSACKIE — A female officer at Greene Correctional Facility was taken to Albany Medical Center after she was attacked and beaten by an inmate, the state Correctional Officers Police Benevolent Association said Monday.

The assault occurred on June 5 at about 9:10 p.m. when the officer, who was working alone in a housing unit of the medium-security prison, was followed by the inmate into a supply closet, according to NYSCOPBA, the union representing corrections officers.

Once inside, he partially closed the door and without warning, he punched the officer in the face several times and slammed her against the wall, the union said.

“This absolutely horrific attack on one of my members needs to be a wake-up call to DOCCS and Gov. Cuomo,” said Michael Mazzella, NYSCOPBA Mid‐Hudson Region Vice President. “The governor touts his record for releasing nonviolent inmates and closing prisons, but that only leaves violent inmates in our facilities who have no fear in attacking an officer.”

No officer should be working alone in any housing unit, Mazzella said, but especially not in units that are set up dormitory style.

“This assault was a brutal physical attack and an attempted sexual assault,” Mazzella said Monday. “If not for the will of the officer to survive during the fight for her life and the inmates who came to her aid, we would be having a very different conversation right now.”

During the attack, the inmate ripped the officer’s body camera off her shirt and grabbed her personal alarm radio from her belt, throwing the equipment outside the supply closet so the officer couldn’t call for help, the union said.

“The inmate delivered several strikes to the inner thigh of the officer with his knee in an attempt to bring her to the ground,” the union said.

Several other inmates in the housing unit heard the commotion as the officer was fighting off the attack and came to her aid and were able to stop the attack, according to the union.

The officer’s personal alarm system was activated and responding officers arrived on the scene, the union said.

The inmate refused to comply with staff and resisted attempts to place him in handcuffs, the union said.

Pepper spray had to be used in an attempt to get the inmate to comply but it was not effective, the union said.

The inmate was subdued by the responding officers and removed from the housing unit, the union said.

He is serving a five-year sentence for second-degree attempted murder in Bronx County in 2018, according to the union. The inmate was not immediately identified.

He was transferred to a maximum security facility and placed in a special housing unit, the union said.

The officer, who has not been identified, was taken to Albany Medical Center for treatment of a cut to her lip that took several stitches to close, deep bruising to her thigh and other injuries, the union said. She has been unable to return to duty.

State police were notified of the assault and are investigating.

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