COs injured

Two Coxsackie corrections officers were injured, after an attack by an inmate. Bill Williams/Columbia-Greene Media

COXSACKIE — An altercation between two corrections officers and an inmate at Coxsackie Correctional Facility on Thursday ended with one of the officers taken to the hospital, said James Miller, communication specialist for the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association.

The unidentified officer was treated for a swollen nose, a cut to his upper lip and bruises on the left side of his face, Miller said. The officer was also disoriented.

The second officer had bruises on the left side of his face and left eye and a superficial cut inside his lip, Miller said. He was treated by facility medical staff and remained on duty.

The incident occurred Oct. 18, at about 11:10 a.m. The union released the details Thursday.

The unidentified inmate, 19, was in the food serving line in the mess hall when he slammed his tray down and lunged toward an officer, striking him several times in the face, Miller said. The inmate immediately fled after the assault.

The officer who was attacked ran after the inmate with the assistance of a another officer, Miller said. They caught him at the rear of the mess hall and got him in an upper body hold.

A third officer grabbed the inmate around the legs and began to force him to the floor. As he was being subdued, the inmate head‐butted one of the officers in the face, Miller said. Once on the floor, the inmate continued to struggle until officers were able to get handcuffs on his wrists.

“This was a serious unprovoked attack on two of our officers by a violent felon,” said Chris Moreau, NYSCOPBA Mid‐-Hudson Region vice president. “I strongly encourage the Greene County District Attorney’s Office to pursue criminal charges in this senseless attack.”

Once the inmate was under control, he was taken to the infirmary for a medical evaluation. During a pat frisk, an officer found a sharpened plastic toothbrush with a cloth handle and a single prescription anti‐depressant pill in the inmate’s pants pocket. The contraband was seized as evidence, Miller said.

The inmate was placed in a Special Housing Unit pending a disciplinary hearing. He is serving a 11-year sentence on a 2019 conviction in Suffolk County for first-degree manslaughter, Miller said.

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