Troy man admits to NB robbery

Lance Treadwell

NEW BALTIMORE — A Troy man who was tracked down in a manhunt following a New Baltimore robbery last year has pleaded guilty, Greene County District Attorney Joseph Stanzione said in a statement Wednesday.

Lance Treadwell, 48, pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery, a violent felony.

Treadwell was arrested after a robbery at the Sunoco Xtra-Mart station on Route 9W on Sept. 2, 2020, and held what appeared to be a pistol to the head of the store clerk, Stanzione said.

“Treadwell is alleged to have threatened to kill the clerk if he did not hand over the money in the cash register and open the store safe,” Stanzione said.

Treadwell took about $100 from the store’s cash register and $300 from the safe. He also stole dozens of packs of Newport cigarettes before running from the store, Stanzione said.

Police interviewed area residents and gathered enough information to identify Treadwell.

“A manhunt for Treadwell ensued in which a search warrant for Treadwell’s cellphone information was obtained by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office,” Stanzione said. “The cellphone was not sending out a signal, an indication that the phone was off.”

Police monitored data from Treadwell’s cellphone and when he eventually turned the phone back on, it generated a “ping,” enabling law enforcement to track the phone to an apartment in Albany.

“Law enforcement arrived at the Albany apartment, whereupon Treadwell threatened that if any officer were to enter the apartment, he would be shot,” Stanzione said.

A standoff between Treadwell and police lasted several hours before officers stormed the apartment and found Treadwell unconscious due to a drug overdose, Stanzione said.

Paramedics and law enforcement on the scene revived Treadwell and he was arrested, Stanzione said.

Treadwell will be sentenced at a later date, but could face 12 years in prison.

“It is expected that Treadwell will be sentenced to a determinate term of 12 years incarceration with the New York State Department of Corrections & Community Supervision, plus five years post-release supervision,” Stanzione said.

Treadwell could face additional charges in another robbery in Schenectady County, Stanzione said.

After the New Baltimore robbery but before his capture, Treadwell is accused of committing a second robbery at a convenience store in Schenectady County. Charges are pending in that case, Stanzione said.

When Treadwell was arrested in the New Baltimore case he was on parole for a 2016 robbery in Albany County.

The New Baltimore case was investigated in a joint effort of the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, Greene County District Attorney’s Office, Albany Police Department and state police.

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