PRATTSVILLE – With the scary news of increased covid cases due to the Delta strain, pressure again will be mounting for our doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers and we wish them the best and let them know they are appreciated and are in our prayers. And by extension, we give essential workers and others who make our lives easier, you also are sent our very best. Stay safe.

Had a chance to have an informative conversation with Jack Rathbone, the much taller twin brother of Judy (Harry) Wyckoff. Jack and wife left the area a number of years ago, moving to North Carolina, where Jack continued his nursing career and his wife worked in the health insurance field. Jack said the nineteen months he worked in his field during the worst of the covid pandemic, took its toll on him, physically and mentally. He is now on hiatus from that and is tending to the medical needs of pets in the animal hospital. He said it is so much less stressful. A return to his original career field is a possibility in the future. Thank you, Jack, for your care. Jack was in the area for the funeral of cousin Gene Every. Judy and Harry were, as always, enjoyable conversationalists. Judy has only three horses of her own now but is boarding two more. And her other job is trying to keeping Harry acting his age. Their active lives keep them young and healthy.

Claudia Bracaliello continues her recovery from her broken knee. On Saturday, she was still a little sore from her workout with the therapist on Friday. As a retired therapist, Claudia now has sympathy on all her previous victims. Husband Ray said a metal plate and some screws were ALL it took to put Claudia back together. Think he might want to rethink verbally expressing that view again. Special veterans.

Legionnaires Commander Chris Tompkins, Arnold Jaeger, Ray Bracaliello, Claudia Bracaliello, Darcy Jaeger-Brand, Bob Gurley, and Elliott Brainard and Auxiliary members Shelly Brainard, Ashleigh Jaeger, Darcy Jaeger-Brand, Diana Jaeger and Ginny Gurley of American Legion Virgil E. Deyo Post 1327 and Unit 1327 were at the gravesite in Cornwallville for the internment with military honors for Gene Every, USN, on Saturday. At calling hours there were many pictures of Gene and his family, from his parents, Vic and Madge, era to the present. Gene was certainly a handsome man and his Navy uniform enhanced his good looks, just ask his widow Claudia. He was a 50+ year member of Post 1327 and was so very proud of his service to his country and we thank him for his service. He should be honored and respected.

Prattsville Still Afloat on August 28 and August 29 is offering varied attraction both for entertainment and participation. This is under the auspices of Pratt Museum and all the information on this event is available at WTS & Co, 14520 Main Street (Mall) Prattsville, NY. You can call Melissa Peters at 646-842-2984 and she can give you applications for participation and information. More to follow as time progresses. The Blitz will be playing in Prattsville at the Block Party behind the Old Firehouse on Saturday August 28th from 6pm to 10pm. Bring your lawn chairs.

Deb Case Brainerd is wished Happy Birthday on July 24. On July 22 it is Happy Birthday to Tony Marsh and Kipp O’Hara. Happy Birthday to Joanne Lane and John Young on July 27. Happy Birthday Robert Hull and Shirley Dunham Doroski on July 28.

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