Temporary occupancy certified for new jail

The interior of the new Greene County Jail. Contributed photo

COXSACKIE — Administrative personnel in the Greene County Sheriff’s Office are transitioning to the new county jail after a temporary certificate of occupancy was issued Friday.

The 64-bed facility is funded by a $39 million bond from Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc. at 2.49% interest and an $8.1 million contribution from the county.

The county anticipates accepting inmates at the new facility starting in July.

“I am pleased to say that the jail and sheriff’s office construction is on time and under budget,” Sheriff Peter Kusminsky said Monday. “Furniture has started to be delivered, security features are being completed and we plan on moving in next month. We are still on target for housing inmates in July.”

The temporary certificate of occupancy applies to the administrative section of the new jail, while the inmate pods will be inspected by the state Commission of Correction toward the end of April, Greene County Legislature Chairman Patrick Linger, R-New Baltimore, said Monday.

“We’re hoping to be able to allow them to come in the last week of April,” Linger said. “Then they have 60 days to issue their CO to where we can populate it.”

Part of the commission’s evaluation will include making sure the facility is properly staffed, Linger said.

“We’re still hiring,” Linger said. “We had two civil service exams and another one scheduled.”

The COVID-19 pandemic set the hiring process back because the state paused its civil service exams, Linger said.

The county eliminated the residency requirement for uniformed officers with the sheriff’s office — both correctional officers and deputies — in 2019, which gives the county access to a greater pool of applicants.

The county is also hoping to get authorization from the commission to use the intake area at the new facility to process inmates, which will allow the sheriff’s office to completely move out of its temporary location on Mansion Street, Linger said.

The jail project is about $500,000 under budget, Linger said.

“It’s pretty incredible they didn’t have one lost workday to COVID for anybody,” he said.

There have been some delays with material shipments, including windows needed for the inmate pods.

“We expect the windows to come in mid-April and it will take about a week to have them installed,” Linger said, adding that fire safety and other testing can be performed once the windows are in place.

The county had 38 inmates in custody last week, Linger said, which puts the new facility near capacity.

Due to the pandemic, state correctional facilities have not been accepting inmates from county jails, making the jail population higher.

The jail will contain 16 cells for female inmates and 48 for men. Some of the cells are reserved for inmates with distinct classifications and are not available to the general population.

The state Commission of Correction also requires 10% of the cells to remain open.

Until the new facility opens, the county’s inmates are being boarded at the Albany, Ulster and Columbia county jails for $70 to $75 per day per inmate.

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(20) comments


The jail budget isn't $50,000 under budget. It's $90 million of wasted precious resources for human cages that were never justified. The 80 Bridge St. Sheriff's Office had no significant structural defects. Demolishing it lost $8.4 million in value for a non-income-producing parking lot. The adjoining county jails are 85% empty. Pathetic!

This is a county of just 49,000. You don't need a $90 million jail for a population like that. The lack of legitimate licensed mental health professionals, replaced by police, indicates a lack of commitment to our community. Again, we're rated a "worst offender" by SCOC. I had to remove Sheriff Hussey and Seeley, then remove the other Seeley. We defunded our community center in Catskill, another sign of sociopathic budget decisions. The problems here are iatrogenic, self-inflicted.

The police review panels similarly failed utterly. All that occurred is a consolidation of police authority. The lack of an authoritative civilian review committee is proof. Pathetic.

Finally, there's the Gulags planned on the jail site. These are for the so-called homeless. They are people in the social safety net.

Groden wants these to be "uncomfortable." If the plan continues, he'll get his sick wish. There is no privacy. You can't have property. You won't be able to work since it's isolated. You can't have visitors, which deprives the person of normal socialization. Police watch over you. It's a jail be any other name. But, you will be out in jail. You will be jailed and deprived of your constitutional protections.

Former Sheriff Greg Seeley wasn't only an Oath Keeper. He's a featured speaker. As I understand it, all 26 members of the Catskill Police Department are Oath Takers. They're all white. QAnon already runs this place. The Oath Takers, if you didn't know, caused the recent insurrection in Washington.

The pattern is sick. As I've written repeatedly, the logo for Catskill is the sleeping version of Rip Van Winkle. Washington Irving's Story, though, is that he woke up. It took 20 years and lots of work, but he woke up. The full-year timeout COVID-19 provided was an opportunity to do this waking up here. So far, it hasn't worked. Sad.


Thank you for your comments gentleman, they illustrate why I litigate so carefully and so thoroughly. The intent in your comments is motivating. Thanks again. Where is the school? Where are the new money businesses? Where is the use of licensed professionals instead of police. Police are NOT counselors or mental health professionals. The proof we need the later is abundant in your comments. You realize my family and I were attacked when we sought safety here right? Why did the U.S. invade Iraw after 9/11. We spent $8 trillion and lost more lives than on 9/11. That's stupid. Why was it necessary for me to remove Richard Hussey, Greg Seeley, Michael Spitz, and finally Greg Seeley's cousin Vincent Seeley. Our jail was closed because of the behaviors of management. Not my words, read the Worst Offender report from the State Commission of Corrections, or the 5 years of correspondence I FOILed.

Rick Wacker

“The intent in your comments is motivating.”

“You realize my family and I were attacked when we sought safety here right?”

You realize this article is about the jail getting a temporary CO, being under budget, and ahead of schedule, right? So that speaks to me that you have failed at stopping the project. F-A-I -L-E-D !!! I stand by my comments. You’re a putz.


You read what you wanted to read. The article discusses a huge failure by Greene County. We never could justify a new jail. The adjoining county jails are 85% empty. We have very little serious crime here. We have genuine priorities, not this one, by far.

Rick Wacker

“You read what you wanted to read”

Actually I’ve read every single article, end to end. And the facts (such an inconvenience for you I’m sure) don’t support your argument. So, insinuating that I cherry-pick talking points is an invalid summation. Nobody cares about your alleged plight. You always have to drag your own sad and pathetic (one of your favorite words) life history into everything. Nobody cares, Scott. Just give it a rest. Just be happy you’re not in there. Yet.

Rory VanDeusen

Old news. Find a new subject!


First of all, we never invaded Iraw. We've no beef with them. It's cool.

Second, your behavior, which is recorded on camera, as well as your constant commentary and badgering of people here and in public forums, shows that you have some serious problems, Scott. Why invest more in mental health when people like you aren't taking advantage of the help that is available already?

Furthermore, you Yammer about attica. You never were in Attica. There's no record of you in any state prison. Period.

Nobody is fooled by your quixotic mission against things that the vast majority of people, specially voting taxpayers, agree with. Key word, taxpayers.

if you're down state Utopia is so wonderful, why didn't you just stay there? Why come here and try to change things to be the way YOU, the wanna be erudite who lacks the slightest clue about anything and lives in a delusional world where he thinks he actually matters or makes a difference?

Zip it.


To the largest extent imaginable, the people caged in a county jail are detainees, not inmates, not convicted. Notice there's no mention of a program for the people held in jail. No budget for it, there's none left after spending it all on a jail. The garage Mahal cost $1.2 million.


You can help develop a program once you're there, little buddy.


Best answer ever given to Scottmyers. Bravo!


"Boarding out" saved millions! The shared jail option was always perfectly legal.


Good! I hope when it's your turn, they boarder you out to Attica! You are insane!

Rory VanDeusen

Ship him to Syria or North Korea. Maybe he will like it better there.

Rick Wacker

We don’t ship people anywhere. It’s 2021, not N-a-z-I Germany

Rory VanDeusen

Yeah we do. We ship illegal immigrants back to where they belong.


Lovely new torture cells, and a new $90 million debt obligation for a poor county. The adjoining county jails are 85% empty. The HUGE disproportionate budgets here cause great harm. No community center, a demolished sheriff's office (no architectural problems) for a parking lot, disquesting. No hospital. And, to top it off, plans for a Gulag for people in our safety net. Pathetic.


There's plenty of room for you, anytime.


Wonder if he will ever get off Greene County's dole. When is enough enough? We've paid too much $$$ already toward the lunatic. I hear his name all over the town of Catskill, people complaining they've been used by him, he's suing this one and that one and the other. And yet some idiots in my home town (C'kill) think he is charming. There is nothing charming about that snake. Get him the heck out of Greene County once and for all.

Rick Wacker

I’m noticing he likes to copy and paste his misguided “facts” from one article to the next. No shortage of exaggerated figures, pompous commentary, and utter lunacy. I can’t imagine what the people that he constantly runs his suck about constantly (Seeleys, county execs, Catskill PD, etc) actually think of him. He’s like herpes. Just can’t get rid of him.

Rory VanDeusen

I would suggest that Greene County petition the Feds to build a giant Federal Prison. Suggestions for locations? My suggestions would be somewhere on 9w, maybe Lashers Flats, Old Game Farm. Would be a big employer for the county. Lots of businesses would benefit.

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