Smith’s resignation called ‘loss for the village’

Greg Smith

CATSKILL — Village Trustee Greg Smith submitted his resignation from the board of trustees effective Aug. 31 as he moves out of state.

One village trustee called Smith’s departure “a loss for the village.”

Smith said he submitted his notice at the Aug. 11 village board meeting to move to Lake Norman, North Carolina. The board formally accepted his resignation Wednesday night.

“My reasons for relocating are for the most part personal,” Smith said. “We ran a successful family car dealership for over 70 years. Most of my immediate family who was involved in the business have either passed on or have retired. I chose to relocate to be closer to my only relative, my brother. I have also sold off the family business and am semi-retired.” Village Clerk Lisa Cope said the board did not pass a resolution but made a motion to accept Smith’s resignation. His unexpired term will appear on the ballot next March in the village’s regular election, she said.

According to the village website, Smith’s term was set to expire in March 2024.

Smith has lived in the village since 2008, he said, and has served as a trustee for nearly four years.

Working with the trustees on a daily basis is something Smith said he will miss.

“My biggest accomplishment was spearheading and completing the Comprehensive Plan for the Village,” Smith said in a statement. “It’s something we were lacking since before 2008. With this in place, the village can have a clearer path moving forward with new projects.”

Trustee Joseph Kozloski said he enjoyed working with Smith during his time on the board.

“I wish him very well in his new endeavor,” Kozloski said.

Trustee Jeff Holliday said Smith did a lot of “good things” behind the scenes as well as in the public sphere.

“Losing Greg from the board is a loss for the village,” Holliday said.

Holliday said the remaining board members work well together and will continue to serve the village until the seat is filled.

Village President Peter J. Grasse III did not respond to requests for comment.

In his campaign for a second term, Smith said the top issue facing the village is the tax base.

“We need to strive to expand our tax base with well-planned development of what little vacant property we have,” Smith said in March. “We also must strive to attract new businesses that pay taxes to come to our village.”

Smith said Friday he doesn’t plan to leave the area forever.

“The village is a very special place,” he said. “I will certainly be back several times a year to visit.”

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To his GREAT credit, Smith did NOT agree with county attorney Ed Kaplan’s demand to tear down 80 Bridge St., the Sheriffs office. The Sheriff’s Office was demolished (a loss in value of $6.2 million) in a fraudulent scheme to gain a “technical” exception to the 2% tax cap laws. The unjustifiable new jail adds a new $90 million debt obligation to Greene County. This calculates to a 20% tax increase for 30 years, all wasted! For reference, the disaster in Ulster County was built for 540 and has under 90 detainees. Using, boarding out, other county’s jails was always completely legal, and saves millions yearly.

The comprehensive plan seeks taxable property, which is exactly the opposite result of destroying the historic Sheriff’s Office, now a grass lot.

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