GREENVILLE — The second round of bidding has brought in lower bids for the town’s proposed water and sewer extension project, Town Supervisor Paul Macko said.

“We had a conference call with the EFC (Environmental Facilities Corporation) this morning at 11:30,” Macko said Monday, referring to the organization that is providing much of the funding for the project. “We opened the second round of bidding for the water and sewer upgrades. We have five bids.”

The project would extend the water and sewer lines, replace a water tank and make other upgrades to the system.

The first round of bids, opened June 15, drew responses from five companies to complete the work, but the bids were higher than expected, leaving the town a little under $2 million short on paying for the project.

The town board revised the parameters of the project — replacing a 45-year-old tank with a new, smaller glass-lined water tank — and put it out to bid again.

The numbers came in lower than the first round, but Macko did not give specifics.

“These are just preliminary numbers — we still need the finalized numbers — but we can save substantially with the second round of bids,” Macko said Monday.

The new bids still leave the town with a shortfall in funding, but the numbers are closer to the mark.

“Give or take, it looks like we will need about $93,790.75 more to complete the sewer and we will need $327,871.60 to complete the water,” Macko said.

The first round of bidding left the town with a shortfall of about $2 million.

The numbers are a big improvement, Town Councilman Travis Richards said of the difference.

“This is a big jump from what it was before,” Richards said.

Macko agreed.

“When we had our public hearing last week, we thought it was going to be closer to $2 million,” Macko said. “I think they might increase the numbers a little to give us a cushion in case we have change orders or contingencies, but I should have finalized numbers for our August meeting. We will have everything all buttoned up by then.”

The town has leftover grant money from another sewer project completed three years ago that can be used for this project.

“Basically, the sewer end of it is $708,213.58, of which we still have $614,422.83 in grant money available, so that is pretty close,” Macko said. “And it looks like the water end of it, we have approximately $1,345,000 left in water, so we will need an additional $328,000 or so.”

Town Councilman John Bensen asked if federal stimulus funds could be used to fund the project.

“Is there any possibility of using COVID money for that?” Bensen asked.

A committee has been set up including Town Councilmen Joel Rauf and Travis Richards, along with other community residents, to identify how the town’s stimulus funds should be spent, and infrastructure could be an option, Macko said.

“There is a possibility,” Macko said. “You have to make sure you spend the money according to the guidelines.”

The town supervisor said he would have finalized numbers for the second round of bids — and how much of a shortfall remains — at the board’s next meeting Aug. 16.

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