CATSKILL — An overdose spike alert was issued for Greene County on Monday, the second alert in a week.

Having two alerts in one week is unusual, Greener Pathways Program Director Carl Quinn said. The Twin Counties have had more spikes than usual this year, with Greene County at three spikes and Columbia County at four.

In Columbia and Greene counties, an overdose alert is issued when two or more overdoses are reported within 24 hours.

The cause behind this year’s increase is unclear, Quinn said.

“As of right now we’ve had four since Saturday,” Quinn said. “Three of the four were within the village of Catskill. The fourth one, we are working to confirm the location.”

All four overdoses were reversed with Narcan, Quinn said.

“Some of the four were heroin, some were oxycodone,” he said.

A Hudson man was arrested last month for possessing counterfeit oxycodone pills that contained fentanyl, Quinn said.

While Quinn has no confirmation that there is a connection between the individual and the recent overdoses, he said it brings up the possibility that the overdoses reported as oxycodone may have contained fentanyl as well.

Last week’s alert was triggered by two overdoses within 45 minutes of each other, one in Durham and one in Coxsackie, Quinn said.

“It’s very unusual to have two [spike alerts] in one week,” Quinn said. “It’s possible that they purchased from the same contaminated supply but we have no way of knowing that for sure.”

Residents in need of Narcan can text NARCANKIT to 21000 to request a kit.

Greener Pathways has received more than 100 requests since the program went live in June 2020, Quinn said.

The texting service is not an emergency service and should not be used in place of 911 if an overdose occurs, he said.

Columbia County has seen a 64% increase in overdoses so far this year, compared to 2020, and a 150% increase in fatal overdoses, Quinn said.

Greene County’s preliminary numbers show a decrease, but Quinn said the county reports overdoses differently.

“In Greene County, the 911 center gives that information to an investigator, who follows through on whether or not it was an overdose before they enter it in the system,” he said.

In Columbia County, the 911 center reports the suspected overdose immediately, Quinn said.

Greener Pathways will be holding outreach events for Narcan distribution on Tuesday from 10-11:30 a.m. at Grandview Plaza and noon to 1:30 p.m. at Dutchman’s Landing.

* Greener Pathways 518-291-4500 or 518-8227437.

* Twin County Recovery Services 518-828-9300 or 518-943-2036.

* Columbia County Pathways to Recovery 877-467-3365.

* Mountain Top Cares Coalition 518-560-4278.

* Greene County Sheriff’s Office Impacted Citizen’s Program 518-821-8778.

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It's time to look at the credentials of our leadership and staff. I'm suing on the Gulag issue to obtain resumes and curriculum vitae. I can't get them by FOIL, I'm blocked by the county attorney Ed Kaplan. It's my information and belief that Kimberly Kaplan, the Director of Public Health, has an associate degree. She's Ed Kaplan's wife. My neighbor Cloé has a Masters in Public Health. Her job is the result of political patronage, which is too common here.

It's known from court depositions that David Friedenberg, Psy.D., the Clinical Director of Greene County Mental Health, tends NOT to diagnose. When I deposed him at trial I asked why. He said that if they did they'd have to treat the diagnosis and they don't always know how to. That is malpractice.

Greene County Department of Social Service similarly seems to lack licensed social workers. It's my knowledge and belief that Commissioner Kira Pospesel has a nursing degree and worked as an emergency room nurse. This is far different from the qualifications of someone with a Masters of Social Work. An MSW license requires 2,000 of supervised clinical experience for instance.

These are the same people that now propose homeless barracks on the site of the new jail, which is a way of throwing away those people. Quotes from County Administrator Shaun Groden are as inhuman and demoralizing as imaginable. The same lack of priorities caused a new debt obligation of $90 million, a 20 year 20% tax increase. The 80 gage disaster has nothing redeemable in mind for any of the people caught up in it. Bail reform means we should have very few detainees. Ulster, Columbia and Albany's jails are 85% empty. Groden was sued for the same errors against our safety net people while in Michigan.

The horrible almost intransigent poverty here is the result, which becomes suicides and overdoses. Police are NOT social workers or mental health professionals.

The essence of Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle is that he transformed into a whole and functional soul. It took twenty years, a dog, bowling in the clouds, and lots of internal search, but it worked. The logo for Catskill btw is Rip asleep. A fitting metaphor. Please Wake Up!

Chris B

More of the hypocrisy that is known as Scott O. Myers. Famous in the police blotter for not being able to manage his own life, which he blames the county for, and and which he does not take personal responsibility for.

I see that there is no official sign up at the new jail (that’s almost completed and you were unable to stop, but you tried, oh so hard), I was hoping that they’d name it after you, as an honorary thumbs up for all your dedicated “activism”. Maybe even a plaque of you behind bars, kinda like the image of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite (I mean no disrespect to Han Solo by the way). I mean, come on, you’re as much a piece of the new jail as the first and last bricks are.

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