CATSKILL — An additional five or six vehicle larcenies were reported Monday, according to Catskill Police.

Monday’s larcenies follow at least seven reported last week, also on Sunday night into Monday morning. Catskill Police do not believe that this week’s larcenies are related to those that occurred last week, Lt. Dan Waer said.

“Through information we have obtained, we’re pretty sure they’re unrelated,” he said.

Last week’s larcenies were investigated in conjunction with the Hudson Police Department, Catskill police Lt. Dan Waer said.

Hudson Police have identified a suspect they believe is responsible for six to 10 larcenies in Hudson, last week’s larcenies in Catskill and a vehicle theft that occurred Sept. 17, Hudson Detective Jason Finn said.

“There were a lot of things going on,” Finn said. “Catskill had some larcenies, Hudson had some larcenies. Hudson had a stolen motor vehicle.”

The vehicle was stolen from a residence on Union Street and recovered the same day outside ShopRite, Finn said.

“We, in conjunction with Catskill, identified the suspect that had some of the stolen property from Catskill,” he said.

Vehicles in the William/Spring Street area were hit Monday, Waer said.

Police were able to recover stolen credit cards that had been tossed in the trash outside Walmart, Waer said.

Finn said the larcenies were crimes of opportunity.

“There were no cases of smashing windows out,” Finn said, adding the suspect pulled on car door handles and stole property from vehicles that were unlocked.

A variety of items were stolen, he said.

“Loose change, sunglasses, car chargers, tents, kitchen supplies like bowls or colanders, flashlights,” Finn said. “Anything that could be sold easily.”

Catskill police have increased patrols in the area and are reviewing video footage, Waer said.

Waer encouraged residents to take precautions.

“They should be locking doors,” he said. “Don’t leave valuables in vehicles.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact Catskill Police at 518-943-2244.

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