New name, site called key for market

File photoThe Catskill Farmers Market at Dutchman’s Landing in July 2018. Plans call for the market to return to Main Street with a new name in summer 2020, village officials said Friday.

CATSKILL — The Catskill Community Center’s farmers market will be getting a new look this year.

Spearheaded by Village Trustee Natasha Law, the event will be operated by the village.

The market will also return to Main Street after spending last summer at Dutchman’s Landing, Village President Vincent Seeley said.

In addition, the market will have a new name — one contender is Sidewalk Saturday — but this will be decided at a later date, he said.

“We want [the market] close to our Main Street shopping district,” Seeley said. “It will draw more foot traffic. Having it at Dutchman’s was a challenge and did not provide the vendors with a sustainable amount of customers.”

Law agreed, saying the market was tucked away from the flow of customers.

“The location has always been an issue,” she said. “When it was down at Dutchman’s last summer, it was out of sight, out of mind. They’ve had several locations but it’s never really taken off that well.”

Seeley said he believes the market’s fresh new look is what it needs.

“We have tried and beat the farmers market concept up for years,” Seeley said. “It is time to upgrade.”

Law said she believes the improvements will make the event a success for both farmers and merchants and will have tremendous upside for the village.

“It will bring everyone to Main Street to see what the village has to offer,” Law said. “Merchants on Main Street will have their doors open, businesses that serve food can put tables out on the sidewalk, the farmers will set up in the pocket parks.”

Law also sees an opportunity for live music at the market, she said, adding that some of the alleys may be closed to traffic during the event.

Law drew her inspiration from other markets in the area, she said, such as the Coxsackie Farmers Market.

“I went to see what they have and what makes them successful,” she said.

The market will open on Saturdays in mid-June, Law said.

“I’m shooting for 12-3 p.m.,” she said.

A vendor fee has not been determined for the market at this time, Law said.

Interested vendors can find out more by contacting Law at

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Please remember when planning this that the Farmer's Market is not only attended by able bodied individuals. There is limited handicapped parking along Main St, and not every area is accessible for those who have mobility issues (canes, walkers, scooters, etc).. Please limit the destinations one must visit to see the vendors.


A very good move. Congratulations to the Village Board.



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