Sewer district eyed for Landon

File photoResidents voice their concerns about the future of Pollace’s Family Vacation Resort at a public hearing in June.

CATSKILL — Village and town officials are drafting plans to install a new sewer line that would connect to a summer camp for special needs children at the former Pollace’s Family Vacation Resort.

The camp will eventually become part of a new sewer district.

The town planning board approved the site plan last June for the property, which was intended to serve as a religious camp for special needs children of the Hasidic Jewish faith. Located at 71 Landon Ave., the site was approved for up to 180 people during the summer, as well as gatherings on holiday weekends throughout the year.

At the public hearing in June, residents expressed concerns about whether the current septic system could handle the proposed number of guests.

Village trustees discussed adding a sewer line and pump station in order to hook up the property to the village’s system, Village President Vincent Seeley said.

In a situation similar to the additional water lines needed for the hotel at Catskill Golf Course, the sewer line and pump station would be installed at the owner’s expense, Seeley said.

The village would need to hire an outside contractor to perform the work, Seeley said, adding that the estimated cost is about $100,000.

“Ultimately, we will require a sewer district to be created by the town in that area,” he said.

Charles Serro, who managed Pollace’s, said in June that the resort averaged 160 to 170 people on weekends, so 180 would not be out of the question.

The septic system has had no record of problems in the last 12 years, said Darrin Elsom, the engineer for the project.

“The Department of Health gave it a clean bill of health in 2018,” Elsom added.

Resident Joseph Kozloski said he thought the board did not do an adequate evaluation of the septic system.

“I don’t understand why the board allowed them to open without the septic system being completely OK’d,” he said.

The resort, once known as Pollace’s Crystal Palace, served the community for more than 70 years. The owners announced last March that they had begun negotiations to sell the business.

The camp is projected to serve approximately 60 children. Each child will have a one-on-one counselor and up to 50 other management staff may be on-site, for a total of 180 people. The property will also be used for gatherings on holiday weekends throughout the year, applicant Jacob Bar-Horin told planners.

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