Lawrence pushes Styrofoam ban

Sarah Trafton/Columbia-Greene MediaGreene County Legislator William B. Lawrence, R-Cairo, said he plans to reintroduce a resolution calling for a countywide ban on Styrofoam products

CATSKILL — After more than 12 years at the helm of the county’s Public Safety Committee, Cairo legislator William Lawrence has decided to take a back seat.

Several county departments including the sheriff’s office, probation, public defender and emergency services come under the umbrella of the Public Safety Committee. Many of the important and controversial decisions regarding the new Greene County jail began at the committee’s meetings.

Legislature Chairman Patrick Linger, R-New Baltimore, announced at the annual organization meeting Monday that Lawrence would not be staying on as chairman.

Legislator Thomas Hobart, R-Coxsackie, has been named to succeed Lawrence as committee chairman.

“Last year as I started my new term, I asked Chairman Linger if there was another person to appoint,” Lawrence said Tuesday.

Ultimately, Lawrence agreed to continue as chairman to make the transition into the construction phase of the jail smoother, he said.

With the project being carried out on schedule, Lawrence said he believed the timing was right for someone else to take over.

“I think there is a need for a fresh set of eyes,” he said. “I’m burned out by the jail situation. It took a large toll on my time and concentration.”

Linger agreed that the past few years have been taxing.

“The last several years the jail has been consuming a lot of time,” Linger said.

Linger expects the committee will now spend a fair amount of time on issues related to bail reform, he said.

As a correctional officer, Hobart will be a good fit for the position, Lawrence said.

“He will have good insight [into] what a jail needs,” Lawrence said, describing Hobart as the perfect choice.

Linger agreed.

“He has a lengthy career in corrections,” Linger said, adding that Hobart is no stranger to public safety.

Hobart was happy to accept, Linger said.

Lawrence, a retired chemistry and physics teacher in the Cairo-Durham Central School District, began serving as a county legislator in 1980. He took a brief hiatus to serve as Cairo town supervisor from 1986-1988, and returned to the Legislature in 1993.

In the middle of his 13th term, Lawrence has served on all of the committees throughout his years as legislator and chaired all of the committees except for Finance, he said. He also served as legislature chairman.

“I’m a workaholic,” Lawrence said. “I tend to take on too much at times.”

Without the duties of chairman, Lawrence plans to be committed to other issues, he said.

Lawrence plans to retain his post as the Legislature’s majority leader. In this capacity, Lawrence has a vote in each committee.

“I will devote my time to other issues on other committees,” he said.

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Good. The former highschool science teacher forced a giant onnorous unjustified debt, the instant anachronism of the monster new jail in Coxsackie.

He knew that 4 engineering reports in a row were lies, RicciGreen, Deleware, Kaaterskill and Barton and Loguidice. He knows there's nothing structurally wrong with 80 Bridge Street. Knew the $90 million for a new jail explodes 2 % tax cap laws.

He knew the "security" problem is our Sheriff's Department, rated a worse offender by SCOC. He knew attorney Kaplan placated SCOC for 5 years, encouraging gross harm on people detained, like myself.

These grossest failures help lead the county away from actual safety. It facilitates the economic failure of Greene County - see Out of Alignment report from Central Hudson. Instead of using legistive time improving our county all if Mr. Lawrence's energy went to aid the new jail.

Justice reforms, now thoroughly promulgated, brings our daily detainees count below 10.

Mr. Lawrence piloted an enormous drain on our economy that lasts 30 years, diverting scant funds away from education, jobs, and proper treatment.

You appear to be a nice guy Mr. Lawrence, but your work horribly damaged us. You helped bad administrators ruin our county.

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