Greenville drive-in featured in Taylor Swift video

The Drive-In 32 in Greenville was featured in Taylor Swift’s new lyric video for “this is me trying” from her new album “Folklore,” according to the owners of the drive-in. Contributed photo

GREENVILLE — Footage of a local drive-in movie theater has surfaced in Taylor Swift’s official lyric video for her new single “this is me trying.”

The song ranks No. 5 on Swift’s new album “Folklore,” according to The owners of Greenville Drive-In Outdoor Cinema said they are excited about the publicity, but added they were not made aware the theater was being used a location.

“Unbeknownst to us, Taylor’s creative team used our screen as the entire three-minute-plus backdrop for her official lyric video ‘this is me trying,’” according to a post on the drive-in’s Facebook page. “We’re obviously excited about our surprise collaboration with Taylor — the video has had 500,000 views since midnight and we expect millions more to come — but we are a little perplexed since last night’s Youtube release was the first time Leigh and I were aware they were using us as a location. If this post in some way makes it back to Taylor’s people, we’d appreciate a call. In the meantime, we love the song and we love knowing that quite literally the whole world is joining us at Drive-In 32.”

A follow-up post by the owners revealed more details about what occurred.

“An eagle-eyed fan has pointed out that someone has posted some footage of our drive-in on Shutterstock as ‘abandoned upstate drive-in,’” according to the post. “The problem, of course, is that in the wide shots you can see the biergarten, which we installed, meaning that this footage was obtained when we were fully operational. They were just trespassing in the off-season.”

Dwight Grimm, owner of the drive-in, did not return multiple calls for comment.

Swift’s record label, Republic Records, and Shutterstock could not be reached immediately for comment.

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