Grasse named Catskill village president

Peter Grasse III

CATSKILL — The village’s reorganizational meeting Wednesday night marked the end of an era as a new village president was nominated to fill the seat held by long-time president Vincent Seeley.

Peter Grasse III, a Republican, was named the new village president. He was elected in to a second term as trustee.

Seeley stepped down Jan. 8 after a four-month absence that stemmed from a new business venture. The former village president was elected to his fifth term on the village board in March 2019.

Catskill village presidents are appointed by the board of trustees and are not directly elected by voters.

Village Vice President Joseph Kozloski has served as the acting president in Seeley’s absence. On Wednesday, Grasse said he did not expect to take on this leadership role when he first ran for office.

“I just wanted to get in there and make a difference,” he said.

While campaigning for re-election, Grasse said several residents suggested he toss his hat in the ring for the recently vacated seat.

“I think that people noticed what I’ve accomplished in the last three years, to have people suggest that to me,” Grasse said.

Grasse enjoys being a part of village government, he said.

“There’s so much that can be done, so much that I can help do — I get great enjoyment out of it,” he said. “I enjoy listening to the concerns of residents and I like to think everything out before I make a decision. Trying to make the right decision all the time is key.”

Atop Grasse’s priority list is getting the village’s finances in order.

“Once the budget is out of the way, summer is here,” he said. “Obviously, I want to make sure the parks are maintained and everything is looking its best so everyone can have the best enjoyment out of them.”

The village has some major infrastructure projects on the horizon, including a new water main for Main Street and a settling pond for the water treatment plant; as well as some new development coming to the village such as Taco Bell, WellNow and more.

“I’m excited to get to work,” Grasse said.

Kozloski was nominated to continue serving as vice president.

A special election will be held at a later date to fill Seeley’s unexpired term, Grasse said.

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(6) comments

Chris B

Ladies and gentlemen, the king of copy and paste spam comments is alive and well. So, hey, Scott, I guess Vincent Seeley really was the Catskill Village President. Airing his personal business, even if true, is both trashy, and uncalled for. The only thing you accomplish by making such a disgusting and gutless move is to turn the spotlight onto yourself. One can only hope that all of your dirty laundry is aired for all to see and appreciate. Thankfully, the internet is forever!


Dear anonymous. Chose something in the content that you believe is inaccurate. Your threats moot any value of your comments.

Chris B

Anonymous? My name is right there, posted, for all to see, as it has always been. There are no threats ingrained in my commentary, nor is the value moot in any shape or form. Merely the truth, something you seem to have real difficulty in understanding and conveying. I personally am tired of seeing your name and trashy, disingenuous, misleading, and inaccurate comments about anything and everything. By lying and spouting inaccuracies on the regular you yourself render any possibility of an intelligent thought or message delivery moot in content. You don’t need to be airing anyone’s personal business, as it’s none of your business. Period. So, go back under your rock, you sleazy troglodyte, and leave these people alone.


Former Village of Catskill President Vincent Seeley was removed after failing to show up for over four months. He's in Florida, in rehab. His cousin, Greg Seeley, was removed as county Sheriff after sustained incompetence running the Sheriff's Office. He and jail superintendent Michael Spitz (a true sociopath) were rated a "worst offender" by the State Commission of Corrections ("SCOC").

The way Vincent left office is both cowardly and decrepit. IF he honorable resigned, that important 5th position is filled by election.

There were methods the Catskill Board had available to put a third candidate slot on the recent vote, they declined. The village chose its rules instead of the state rules. The state rules have precedent!

During the campaign, I accused the board of voting to suppress Black Lives Matters, which they all did. I also accused the board of "bending over" for County Attorney Ed Kaplan's demand to demolish 80 Bridge St., the Sheriff's Office. Greg Smith wrote back saying he voted NOT to demolish the Sheriff's Office. Demolishing 80 Bridge Street causes a loss of $6.8 million, the building's value, the cost of demolition, and the waste of the resource as a Sheriff's Office. Destroying 80 Bridge St., which we proved was without significant flaws, was a sick strategy that gives a "technical" exception to spend over the 2% property tax cap laws. We obligated $90 million for the new jail, a 20% tax increase for 30 years. A non-productive tax increase.

BTW, County Law § 216 requires that the Sheriff's Office remain in Catskill.

I sent these questions during the last campaign.

I got no response from Grasse, Smith, or anyone else.

The village board controls the budgets of the Village of Catskill Police ("CPD"). Their website lists 26 officers. Their budget is nearly half of the $4 million annual budget. The police review board simply coalesced power – no change in budgets, no change in methods, no body cams, and so on. No civilian oversight.

As evidence, the Community is defunded.

Grasse's incompetent.

Did you object when Hillsinger and Betsy Cotheren denied my FOILs? You were copied on those requests, served copies.

Do you know the historic building at 80 Bridge Street had to be demolished to gain the exception to the 2% property tax caps? The county spent 20% over the legal limit, a new $90 million debt obligation, for 30 years. None of the construction companies are Greene County Companies. None of the 16 million in interest stays here. According to Treasurer Peter Markou, the $8 million taken from reserves has to be put back and needs to total $42 to $120 million.

Do you think the Gulags planned next to the prison put our safety net people in jail? Do you agree this denies their rights? That it is intended to harm them? Do you acknowledge that Catholic Charities is inappropriate to manage or pay for this bizarre plan?

Do you think we need the Catskill Police Department at all? I don't.

Do you acknowledge that Greg Seeley is an Oath Taker?

Do you acknowledge that most of the CPD (and others here) take that same oath?

Do you acknowledge this is the same group that carried out the insurrection in Washington?

Do you acknowledge Greg Seeley was rated a "worst offender" by SCOC? 1

Do you acknowledge that County Attorney Ed Kaplan placated SCOC for years? 2

Do you support combining the Town and Village? Combining the Town and Village Court saved $40,000

Do you acknowledge that the draft County Police Review Report is vacuous?3

Do you acknowledge that Joe Koslowski must recuse from any budget or oversight work of the CPD because his son is a Sergeant?

Do you acknowledge that Greene County was $53 million in debt before COVID-19? 4

Do you acknowledge the CPD won't wear masks?

Do you acknowledge that Vincent Seeley's mishandling of BLM is serious? You voted in favor of suppressing BLM, right?

Do you acknowledge that the Village's Comprehensive Plan is largely ignored? For instance, 80 Bridge St. is a non-income producing parking lot, contradicting the plan?

Do you acknowledge Deb Samuels Gaslighted two very good people, my friends Mercedes Brantley and Andy Gonzales?

Do you acknowledge that Deb Samuel's letter was extremely racist?

Did you object to her language?

Please comment on Deb's content.

You're as responsible as she is until you reject her comments - publicly.

What is your position on any of these?

What did you do to prevent these disasters, other than not voting to demolish 80 Bridge St.?

You're demanding that I correct a single point, which I immediately did.

Please give me your position on the points above.


“Scott O. Myers, 67, of Catskill was arrested by State Police on April 16 and charged with two counts of second-degree criminal contempt, a misdemeanor. He is scheduled to appear in Catskill Village Court.“

Mmm, karma, so delicious!

Rory VanDeusen

Maybe Scott O. Myers will be the first resident in the NEW JAIL! [beam]

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