CATSKILL — The treasurer of the Greene County Volunteer Firemen’s Association has been arrested and faces more than 100 charges of forgery and using a false instrument with intent to defraud, state police confirmed Monday.

Harold Rivenburgh, 46, of Catskill, was arrested by state police on Friday, according to state police.

He has been charged with 54 counts of second-degree forgery, 54 counts of first-degree false instrument with intent to defraud, and one count of third-degree grand larceny, according to state police.

The charges are related to Rivenburgh’s work with the Greene County Volunteer Firemen’s Association, state police Public Information Officer Steven Nevel confirmed Monday.

The case remains under investigation and more details are expected to be released, Nevel said.

“The senior investigator on the case is still following up on some leads and we expect to release more information on Tuesday,” Nevel said.

Although Rivenburgh was charged in late January, an investigation was launched on Dec. 19, according to state police.

Rivenburgh is a former chief of the Catskill Fire Department, and at the present time is listed as a non-active member of the department, according to Catskill Village President Vincent Seeley.

Seeley confirmed that he had been notified of Rivenburgh’s arrest both before and after it took place.

“I was notified that he was going to be arrested, and I was contacted after the arrest took place,” Seeley said.

Seeley said Rivenburgh’s arrest did not involve either the village or town of Catskill, and that when Rivenburgh was chief of the Catskill department his work did not involve handling money.

“While he was associated with the village of Catskill he never had a position where he handled any of our finances,” Seeley said. “We have a yearly audit and we had no findings in any year, but specifically any year when Harold was fire chief.”

The Greene County Volunteer Firemen’s Association was established in 1889 to provide support to local fire departments, according to the Greene County website.

Each September, the organization works with its ladies auxiliary to host an annual convention that draws fire departments and volunteers from across Greene County and neighboring counties, and includes both a Mardi Gras parade and a formal dress parade at the convention’s conclusion.

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