COXSACKIE — A Greene County man has been fined, for illegally killing a deer last November, Department of Environmental Conservation spokesman Jomo Miller said Friday.

On June 28, Nicholas Palermo, 23, of Coxsackie, who had admitted to shooting the deer before legal shooting hours, paid a $700 fine Coxsackie Town Court, Miller said.

Deer hunting in New York is permitted between sunrise and sunset. On Nov. 26, the date the incident took place, sunrise was at 6:59 a.m.

On Thanksgiving Day, DEC Officer Lucas Palmateer received a phone call at approximately 8:30 a.m., from someone in the area who reported a deer may have been shot before legal shooting hours, Miller said.

Palmateer responded to the location and interviewed the person, who recalled hearing a gunshot in the area before sunrise, Miller said.

DEC did not disclose where the shooting took place.

Palmateer began his investigation by analyzing the scene and collecting evidence of a freshly killed deer.

After speaking with other potential witnesses and taking statements, Palmateer found the deer at a nearby residence. The deer was an eight-point buck that had already been skinned and was in the process of being butchered. It’s head and rack were found in a freezer on the property, Miller said

After a lengthy interview with Palermo, he admitted to shooting the deer about 45 minutes before legal shooting hours, Miller said.

Palmateer seized the buck and issued tickets for hunting during closed hours and illegal take of whitetail deer.

Found throughout New York, the white-tailed deer is New York’s most popular game animal. Each year, more than 500,000 deer hunters contribute nearly $1.5 billion to the state economy through hunting-related expenses. Through license purchases and federal excise taxes, hunters generate more than $35 million to support management activities. Hunters take some 220,000 deer annually, filling freezers with roughly 10.8 million pounds of high-quality local venison, DEC said on their website.

Deer often cause problems for farmers, homeowners and foresters and can cause road hazards. If they are not properly managed, deer numbers can increase dramatically. This increases problems for people and reduces the quality of the habitat for deer and other wildlife, they said.

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Really? You FINE someone $700 for hunting 45 minutes prior to the legally stated time?? Can you please explain this rationale? Why not a warning??

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