CATSKILL — The Greene County District Attorney’s Office has received the surveillance tape footage of the Oct. 30 incident in which Jason Jones of Catskill burst into flame when officers used a stun gun on Jones inside the Catskill police station.

Greene County District Attorney Joseph Stanzione confirmed Monday that his office obtained the video surveillance tape of the incident from the Catskill Police and investigators are examining it.

The contents of the videotape could play a major role in how or if the investigation moves forward, Stanzione confirmed Monday.

Jones, 29, entered the Catskill police station at approximately 1:30 a.m. Oct. 30 and allegedly doused himself in hand sanitizer and became hostile with the officers on duty, according to Catskill police.

Jones is being treated at the Clark Burn Center at SUNY Upstate Medical Center Hospital in Syracuse for his injuries. Stanzione said his office has been unable to obtain an update on Jones’ condition, which was listed last Friday as serious.

“As I understand, the family has instructed the hospital not to update law enforcement to his condition,” Stanzione said. “It probably has something to do with civil family implications. But that’s unfortunate. We’d like to follow up and make sure he’s OK.”

Jones’ attorney, Kevin Luibrand of the Luibrand Law Firm PLLC in Latham, said Monday that he had no update to provide regarding his client’s condition or the possibility of a lawsuit being brought as a result of the incident.

Jones was surrounded by his family Friday as he recovers from his injuries, Luibrand said Monday.

The District Attorney’s Office is not placing a timetable on the completion of the investigation, Stanzione said.

“I don’t want to put a time frame on it,” he said. “It’s whatever time is necessary. We just do that based on the nature of the information we receive.”

The police station at 422 Main St. is equipped with security cameras inside and outside.

The District Attorney’s Office is now in possession of the footage, the Catskill Police Department confirmed Monday.

“We’re taking a look into the whole case to see if there’s anything to investigate,” Stanzione said.

Jones’ family is also waiting to review the security camera footage, Luibrand said. The 29-year-old Jones appeared to be inebriated when he entered the police station, Catskill police said.

The District Attorney’s Office will interview all of the parties involved in the police station fire as part of the investigation, Stanzione said.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain ethyl alcohol, which evaporates at room temperature into an ignitable vapor, which is considered a flammable liquid, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Jones graduated from Catskill High School in 2010 and was a star on the track-and-field and basketball squads during his athletic career at the school.

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The recent police reform committees were feckless. Although civil there are zero changes to costs and policies. The Village of Catskill Police remains nearly al white, and nearly all staff are “Oath Keepers. County Sheriff Deputies nor most of the county village and town police wear COVID-19 masks. It’s likely the vaccination rate for these groups is below 50%. My letters to the Greene County Director of Public Health, Kimberly Kaplan, were not answered. It’s past time for actual reform, beginning with mask and vaccination mandates, including body cams while on duty, and establishing an authoritative civilian review committee. Joe Stanzione’s political capital is short of what’s needed to improve local policing.

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