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Carrie Weiser

CATSKILL — Greene County prosecutors are still waiting for state police investigators to crack the code on footage that could show the death of Scott Myers, District Attorney Joseph Stanzione said Monday.

Authorities hope surveillance footage from the night Myers was allegedly stabbed to death by Carrie Weiser of Catskill from cameras that Myers had installed in his apartment will shed light on what happened Nov. 27.

“We’re still waiting on the video,” Stanzione said. “We’ve provided substantial discovery to the defense. The defense has to provide me with certain discovery material as well, which they haven’t done just yet. So basically the judge will have a conference by the beginning of March, and by that point the judge basically wants to know that we’re pretty much in substantial compliance with our discovery obligations.”

Court proceedings for Weiser, who is accused of killing Myers, continued Monday morning in Greene County Court as Judge Terry Whilhelm held a virtual conference with the defense and the prosecution.

Myers, 68, of Catskill, was stabbed to death two days after Thanksgiving in his West Bridge Street apartment. Weiser was indicted by a grand jury on Dec. 2 on a felony second-degree murder charge for the stabbing and an additional misdemeanor count of criminal possession of a weapon.

After Weiser, 32, pleaded not guilty to the charges at her arraignment Dec. 17, Wilhelm set a Jan. 10 conference date to gather updates on the case’s discovery process.

Prosectors from the Greene Counity District Attorney’s Office and Weiser’s attorney, Michael Howard of Hudson, participated in the 11:15 a.m. conference Monday.

“It was a discussion about where we are and if our discovery is complete and what else has to be done,” Greene County District Attorney Joseph Stanzione said after Monday’s conference.

No dates were set during the Monday morning conference for any future conferences or hearings in the case.

“We did have discussions as to where we are in the discovery process,” Stanzione said. “There’s more discovery to be done, then a further conference will be scheduled in the near future.”

The district attorney said it was premature to set a possible trial date in the Weiser case.

“We’re way too early for a trial date to be scheduled,” Stanzione said Monday.

The felony murder charge against Weiser carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

According to the grand jury report, Myers and Weiser had dinner together at the Catskill restaurant Subversive on the night of Myers’ murder.

The authorities believe that the pair subsequently went straight to Myers’ residence at 39 West Bridge St., where he was killed.

Weiser made a 911 call at approximately 12:15 a.m. on Nov. 27 to report to the authorities that Myers had been stabbed. The suspect was still at the scene of the crime when police arrived at Myers’ Catskill apartment.

When she was questioned by police, Weiser told them that she had difficulty recalling the events that transpired on the night of Myers’ murder.

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Dear Ted Remsnyder, thank you for continuing to follow-up on this important story. Violent murders do not happen often in Catskill, and Scott Meyer's death is frightening and mysterious. His friends and acquaintances (pretty much everyone on Main St. in Catskill) are deeply concerned about what happened and why, and if justice can be fairly served. Please keep pressure on District Attorney Stanzione and the state police investigators.


Please keep on top of this. I'm sure there are those who do not want this video made public. But we must know what happened, that everything that could have been done to save his life was done. Scott was fearless and relentless in trying to make Greene County, Town and Village Government as well as law enforcement accountable to the people, and many in power were very angry at him for his persistence.


I concur that Scott was committed to social activism and was much more than a gadfly. Indeed this investigation must be completed but your comment seems to suggest that someone may have silenced him. My impression that this is a tragic interpersonal spontaneous occurrence, not a “deep state” style plot. I hope forensic help to gain access to the tape is available and soon.


I do hope to see this soon, considering the lack of good immediate response regarding Jason Jones, I am concerned that not enough was done and quickly enough for Scott.

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