Controversial development decision adjourned

The environmental assessment for the proposed Bosque housing development was adjourned at the applicant’s request Tuesday.

DURHAM — A determination on the long-form environmental assessment for the proposed Bosque housing development was adjourned Tuesday.

The delay was made at the request of the developer, Deputy Town Supervisor Lisa Cirillo said Tuesday.

“The Bosque project was adjourned to a date to be determined by request of the applicant,” Cirillo said.

The Bosque housing project developers propose constructing 12 high-end homes and a barn on 95 acres in the vicinity of Strong and Cornwallville roads.

The project has generated strong opposition from some in the community who say it would change the character of the community, among other issues.

The lands slated for the development are in the Cornwallville Historic District.

The decision to adjourn determination Tuesday was made one week after a heated meeting over the latest step in the town’s review of the controversial project — the long-form environmental assessment, mandated by the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

An environmental review is required under the state Environmental Quality Review Act to assess major development projects that could have a significant impact.

The form, which takes several hours to complete, assesses a proposed project on a range of issues, including land use, wetlands, water quality, habitat of endangered species, viewsheds, archaeology and many others.

Last Tuesday’s meeting to make the determination lasted well over four hours and the town board’s decision was delayed until this Tuesday pending clarification of several issues. Some of those issues have not been resolved.

“The town is still waiting on more information,” Cirillo said.

The developer has submitted thousands of pages of documents to the town supporting its application for approval of the site plan, most recently a revised preliminary subdivision plat for the 95 acres, prepared by engineering firm Kaaterskill Associates and sent to the town Aug. 24, and a site plan application dated Aug. 19.

Since the project’s inception, it has drawn heated controversy from some in the community. Placards proclaiming opposition to the project have been posted around town for months.

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