NEW YORK — A Catskill woman was charged with attempted murder Friday for throwing a Molotov cocktail at an occupied police van during a protest in New York City over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Monday, New York Police Department spokesman Det. Brian Magoolaghan said Saturday.

The woman’s younger sister, also from Catskill, faces lesser charges in connection with the protest, Magoolaghan said.

Samantha Shader, 27, of West Main Street was charged with four counts of attempted murder and assault, one count of attempted arson, criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment, Magoolaghan said.

Darian Shader, 21, also of West Main Street, was charged with resisting arrest and obstruction of governmental administration, Magoolaghan said.

At about 10:36 p.m., officers spotted Samantha Shader at the intersection of Eastern Parkway and Washington Avenue in Brooklyn’s 71st precinct, holding a bottle with a rag in it, Magoolaghan said.

Samantha Shader then lit the rag and threw the bottle at a marked police van with four officers inside, Magoolaghan said.

The bottle shattered a window but did not explode on impact, Magoolaghan said. The four officers, who were not injured, were able to get out of the van before the firebomb exploded and van burst into flames, Magoolaghan said.

Samantha Shader then attempted to flee the scene, and a foot chase ensued, Magoolaghan said.

As police attempted to take Samantha Shader into custody, her sister, Darian Shader physically attempted to stop officers from making an arrest by jumping on one of them and biting him on the leg, Magoolaghan said.

Darian Shader was charged with resisting arrest and obstruction of governmental administration, Magoolaghan said. Both women were scheduled to be arraigned Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

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Her father is a good man and can’t control what his adult daughter does with her life. He is not proud of their actions and is embarrassed by it. He has been a great role model to his step children my nieces and nephews. So know your facts before you start to bash a good man.


Glad she was caught. I hope she gets the maximum. Stupid moron, may she spend the next thirty years in max security, with lots of nasty, threatening inmates at her 24/7. You should have stayed upstate and not tangled in the city. I am so glad she will pay...#NYPD


Thoughts and prayers to the family. Moms can't be held responsible for the actions of adult children's behavior. Until you know the whole your judgement and take a look in the mirror!

Wrong!!! Parents are responsible for the actions of their adult kids. Starts at birth and continues 'till parents are gone. These "kids" are thugs brought up by thugs.


Retleoo8 shows there are some normal people in NYS. Thanks for restoring my faith in the state I lived in many years ago.


Protests have to be specific. Responding to an alleged crime with a worse crime is not moving your cause forward. Out-of-towners in NYC as hooligans is not going to get your cause anywhere. Dollars to donuts, foreign powers are helping fuel this behavior.


"Your cause?" No foreign powers needed, Spud. Protest isn't going away until the privileged finally get that equality under the law is every citizen's cause.


This brat will have at least 20 years of 3 hots and a cot, her sister maybe a couple of years, plus her wonderful family who raised these amazing sisters will no doubt be financially devastated from legal fees. Good news.


its a proud day in the Shader house im guessing.


You're no doubt correct. Kids don't turn out like this without some help and encouragement from Mom and Dad.

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