CATSKILL — A car crashed into a West Bridge Street nail salon Tuesday, Lt. Daniel Waer of the Catskill Police Department said Wednesday.

No injuries were reported, Waer said.

At about 2:45 p.m., the unidentified male driver, 65, who is from Catskill, jumped the curb and crashed into Lux Spa and Nails in the Grandview Plaza, Waer said. The driver told police that his foot slipped off the brake and onto the gas pedal.

The manager of Lux Spa and Nails, Jack Nguyn, was in the front of the salon when the accident happened.

“I was shocked,” Nguyn said Wednesday. “I heard the noise and looked up to see a car. It all happened so fast.”

The car damaged the door and part of a wall at the entrance to the spa.

Catskill Fire Company and Town of Catskill Ambulance were sent to the scene by Greene County 911.

Paramedics evaluated the man but he refused medical treatment, Waer said.

No employees or customers inside the store were injured. There was a lot of broken glass after the crash, Waer said.

Catskill Code Enforcement Officer Michael Ragiani was requested to the scene.

The business remained open after the accident.

Workers arrived at the business shortly after the crash to clean up the glass and make repairs.

The salon has been open in Catskill for two years, providing treatments for nails, facials, hands and feet, Nguyn said.

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Joseph N. Reed

The driver of the car must be drunk therefore he did not see such a huge shop and crashed into it. Luckily no injury is yet reported but people are really afraid of this kind of old driver. I want to help with writing paper because I have to submit my assignment on time before the due date.

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