$17.2 million budget proposed for college

Columbia-Greene Community College. Natasha Vaughn/Columbia-Greene Media

HUDSON — An anonymous donor gave a $310,000 donation to Columbia-Greene Community College for scholarships for Greene County students.

The gift will assist Greene County students seeking a career in the medical field, such as nursing or medical assisting.

“A scholarship is helpful to any student,” Columbia-Greene Community College President Carlee Drummer said. “We try to help as many students as we can and certainly support from the community is so important, now especially with the pandemic, because so many students lives have been disrupted by COVID, and they’re really struggling in many cases and if we can help them pay their tuition, we’re really happy to do that.”

“The endowment will enable Greene County students who struggle financially to confidently move forward in their education and future careers, said Joan Koweek, executive director of the C-GCC Foundation. “The money will be able to help hundreds of students.

“The scholarships that they will receive from this donation will eliminate many of the financial obstacles that would otherwise prevent them from succeeding in their goals,” Koweek said.

Students from Greene County will be able to fill out an application to apply for the scholarship, Koweek said. A scholarship committee comprised of board members from both sides of the county and faculty use a rubric and they rate the forms to determine which applications will be awarded. Koweek said names and other personal information are kept off of the forms the committee sees to keep the decision transparent.

“We are just so grateful to the donor for this,” Koweek said. “They are going to impact the lives of people, this is going to help our students which truly is going to shape their future. Its going to help ensure that they finish their degree, and they have an employable situation where they can afford to stay in the counties and live the life that they choose.”

The donation is one of the largest donations the college has received, Koweek said.

“It’s about their career choice, that they’ll be able to be in a field that they want to thrive in,” Koweek said.

Students will be able to use money from the donation starting in the upcoming fall semester.

“The Columbia-Greene Community College Foundation was the right fit for this contribution,” the anonymous donor said in a statement. “We have been witness to the good work the Foundation does for C-GCC students, and we know it will use this endowment in accordance with our wishes. We are extremely pleased to provide this funding.”

The tuition rate for in-state residents for the next school year is about $2,484 each semester for full-time students, according to the website.

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