Greene opens door to restart

File photoGreene County Legislature Chairman Patrick Linger, second from right, said Monday the surveys received by businesses will be completed and sent to the Empire State Development Office.

CATSKILL — The Greene County Economic Development Corporation has launched a survey to learn from businesses what reopening the economy would be like for them.

Greene County Chamber of Commerce President Jeff Friedman encouraged businesses to be prepared.

“There has been a lot of conversations about reopening the economy, but I would caution business owners and the public on what that will look like,” he said Monday.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo extended the shutdown of nonessential businesses in New York until May 15.

“It’s likely to be a slow opening, it’s likely to be phased,” he said. “If you’re looking for a map as to how that might happen, look at how it was closed down and flip it in reverse. I caution people who think it’s going to happen quickly. Folks need to plan for well beyond May 15.”

A phased opening is critical, Friedman said.

“If we do this wrong and we get a second wave (of COVID-19) and it is as bad or worse as this wave, the impact economically will be far worse than this has been, so we have to do this right,” he said. “I’m advising people to be patient and cautious.”

The simple four-question survey will help provide the state with input as it develops a regional plan to reopen the economy, according to Information compiled from the surveys, which are due today, will be sent to the Empire State Development office.

“We had 30-some responses within the first 10 minutes,” Greene County Legislature Chairman Patrick Linger, R-New Baltimore, said Monday.

The surveys were distributed to about 700 businesses in the county’s database, Linger said.

As leaders begin to lay out the framework for opening up regions of the state, they are turning to regional economic development councils for input, Linger said.

The surveys will get the regional council information on what local businesses can accomplish, Linger said.

“How do they open in some capacity and still keep people safe?” he said. “What do you think it will take for you to be able to open?”

The survey asks businesses how much time they need to reassemble employees and modify operations once restrictions are lifted, what challenges are unique or specific to their business sector [in terms of the pandemic], what percentage of their usual occupancy/customer traffic do they need to operate profitably and what percentage of their usual business comes from outside of Greene County?

“This will answer some key questions the Regional Economic Development councils are looking for,” Linger said. “We’re doing this as a proactive approach.”

“Here’s what our businesses are telling us,” Linger said. “Couple that with whatever the trends are. Maybe businesses will be open at a smaller level. At least we’ll get them up and running and get some employees back to work.”

Liam Singer, owner of Hi-Lo and Avalon Lounge, said he believes it will take more than easing restrictions to truly reopen.

“It’s going to take some serious change in the state of testing or scientific understanding for us to feel comfortable having people inside, whether or not it becomes allowed,” he said.

Avalon Lounge will continue to offer takeout and delivery and Singer said he foresees sidewalk service starting up at Hi-Lo.

“I don’t know if it will be economically viable but we will give it a try,” he said.

Both venues featured live music.

“I don’t see [live music] starting up anytime this year,” Singer said.

Once a region experiences a 14-day decline in its hospitalization rate, it can begin a phased reopening, according to

The first phase will include construction and manufacturing sectors, followed by businesses considered to be more essential and with reduced risk of infection.

There will be two weeks between each phase to monitor its effect on hospitalization rates. Regions must also avoid opening attractions or businesses that draw a large number of visitors from other areas, according to

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(5) comments

Again Scooter Myers is using a totally unrelated article as a platform to spew out his rabid comments which further demonstrates his hatred for the residents and businesses of Greene County. His negative commentary does nothing to help resolve any issues but it appears he does this only to find prominence in his own mind. Obviously it has become apparent that nobody is listening to him or cares about what he has to say. I guess we have all become immune to his hate speech.

It would seem that if he hates Greene County so much that he would return to NYC. I'm sure he would do well there.

“Beam me up Scooter”

Scott....."As a county jail all the expenses are on us." This was in your last lame post. So are you a tax paying citizen in Greene County. I know you're not a home owner because you living in a motel. Although not sure about that either. You were thrown out of one or two. I and imagine some others that read your negative comments, you are living on taxpayers money. I also wonder who's paying your court costs for the numerous arrests.

Maybe you will be lucky enough to be the first resident to experience the new Greene Jail in Coxsackie, NY.


After my neighborhood of 20 years was destroyed by 9/11 (12 John Street) my family relocated to Tannersville, to our home. Read: property. We were almost immediately attacked. First by Caputo, then the rest. The county causes more damage than bin Laden.

It’s a long haul to remove first Richard Hussey. I closed our jail at 80 Bridge Street (for the behavior of the management not architecture - we’re rated worse by SCOC). I caused the end of Greg Seeley and Michael Spitz’ career, again for behaviors.

$90 million, a new debt. And the jail is not only not needed it’s costing way over the 2% property tax cap. This is the substance of the lawsuits.

The County cooked up a sick strategy to make the new jail an exception to the 2% law, destroy 80 Bridge Street. What will this accomplish? A parking lot we don’t need and the loss of a historic building called “a gem.”

You might notice that I use my real name in these posts. I use my real name in the law suits.

So Scotty....In one of your prior ranting posts, you said you hadn't seen you daughters since 9/11. Now you saying "my family relocated to Tannersville"? Which is it? There is a video of you and a someone moving furniture, I'm guessing you were evicted.

So now you're saying you caused the closing of the Greene County Jail? I'm thinking that the State of NY closed the jail due to it's condition. Did you tour the jail?

You also said you "caused the end of Sheriff Greg Seeley"? Sheriff Seeley retired with what I believe was an admirable career. I fear that you are on the verge of a mental breakdown and would suggest you seek professional treatment.

Unfortunately my email address comes up instead of my name. I would think with your self said computer skills, you would be able to find my name. In case you can't here it is.

Rory Van Deusen


If they’re truly sincere about a healthy local economy these same people would abandon the jail project in Coxsackie. The $90 million new debt load is caustic. It’s also unneeded. With under 20 detainees, and dropping, that’s $4.5 million pre detainee cell, per cell!

Converting to a medical facility allows funding from the federal and state government, and receive some of the settlements from the opioid lawsuits. As a county jail all the expenses are on us.

Again, Central Hudson’s Out of Alignment shows a declining per-capita and population, and that was before COVID-19.

And, instead of turning 80 Bridge Street into a non-income producing partaking lot, repair it and put the Sheriff back there. This comports with Local Law § 216 and preserves a historic asset.

Otherwise, replace the economic development staff with people who have contacts with actual businesses not just breweries. We lack new money business here. The internet, now employee owned, is inadequate and suffers from the same nepotism that ruins local government.

It’s not a pretty picture. It is perhaps the best opportunity to completely reorganize along positive methods.

If not now, when.

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